Facial Wrinkles

Information on the causes of facial wrinkles and creases, laugh lines and sagging skin.

    what causes laugh lines, facial wrinkles and sagging skin

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    What are Facial Wrinkles?

    Facial wrinkles are often referred to as ‘laugh lines’; however for some individuals, facial wrinkles are no laughing matter, and can also appear on the forehead.

    As facial wrinkles in particular seem to reveal the years, in recent times, drastic measures have been introduced to stop, reduce, or get rid of the tell tale signs of aging on the face. The facelift is a cosmetic surgery treatment for wrinkles, pouches, bags, and sagging skin. This is not a long tern answer – as the signs of age will eventually return and another facelift will be needed!

    Furthermore, these procedures are invasive and cause trauma to the facial tissues. Botox injections have become popular to reduce the appearance of wrinkles – however, this is one of the most deadly biochemicals known! This substance partially paralyzes facial muscles and is not a procedure that should be undertaken without thorough research regarding the potential risks!

    What Causes Facial Wrinkles?

    With the passing of the years we go through the aging process and in the same way that our bodies age – our skin is usually first to deteriorate.

    The skin becomes darker, less flexible, rougher, and more leathery – with the appearance of fine lines (in our thirties), and folds, pouches, and blemishes or discolorations gradually appear and/or become more pronounced as fatty deposits and bone may be lost to produce pouches in the cheeks (in our forties and fifties). There seems to be no escaping it – wrinkles indicate age.

    More Information on Facial Wrinkles

    Tips related to facial wrinkles
    • Hydrate! Be sure to drink enough water – 6 to 8 glasses per day
    • Mist your skin throughout the day with warm water or natural spritzer
    • Use a good natural moisturizer to help your skin stay supple
    • Get plenty of antioxidants in your diet: dark leafy greens, berries, and other colorful foods are best!
    • Eat essential fatty acids such as Flaxseeds, avocados, nuts, and olive oil – these foods contribute beneficial fats to your diet
    • Avoid Trans fats and processed foods!
    • Avoid sunburn by staying in the shade when the sun is strongest
    • Do not smoke or drink too much alcohol! (This can age the skin drastically!)
    • Keep stress levels under control
    • Detox regularly to remove unwanted toxins
    • Laugh each day – laugh lines are far more attractive than frown lines!