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Learn about cleansing your body for a full body toxin cleanse.

    Info on Cleansing Your Body of Toxins - Full Body Toxin Cleanse

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    2. Regularly to Maintain Bowel, Liver & Kidney Health
    3. Before & After Pregnancy

    What is Body Cleansing?

    Body cleansing has become essential in today’s modern society. An increase in environmental toxicity coupled with unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles has resulted in a drastic increase in illness and physical complaints such as headaches, fatigue and general feelings of "unwellness".

    We expose our bodies to a tremendous amount of toxins via the food we eat, the water we drink, and the polluted environment that we live in and eventually our bodies reach a point where they can no longer cope without a little help.

    While our bodies have a miraculous and natural ability to expel these toxins, it helps to partake in a natural detoxification once in a while to get rid of the backlog of pollutants that build up in our system over time.

    A body cleanse or body detox is also a great way to give your body a boost after a night of over-indulgence, eating all the wrong foods and consuming more alcohol than is healthy. Similarly a detox after giving up alcohol, drugs or cigarettes is a good way to cleanse the system of harmful poisons that remain in the fatty tissue years after you’ve given up the habit!

    When Should You Do a Body Cleansing?

    A body cleanse is not necessarily something that only "unhealthy" people should do regularly. Even people that lead relatively healthy life-styles should cleanse their bodies as they are exposed on a daily basis to a multitude of chemicals and toxins.

    Regularly to Maintain Bowel, Liver & Kidney Health

    Though you may not be regularly incorporating it into your regimen, a full body cleanse is imperative to maintaining good health. Years of poor-eating habits, stress, low- fiber foods and even environmental pollution, all aid in toxin build-up in your body. This build-up especially affects the functioning of the colon, liver, and kidneys resulting in overall poor health.

    Bowel movements are the key to good health; it is considered healthy to have at least one bowel movement per day. When the bowels are not emptied appropriately, it can lead into an array of health issues, from poor immune system health to reduced liver function and poor elimination through the kidneys. A body cleanse can help the bowels to eliminate waste and there for aid the other organs in the body.

    Before & After Pregnancy

    Body cleansing before pregnancy can help women combat general unwell feelings. Along with all the mental preparation a woman goes through before trying to conceive, it is important to prepare the body as well. Many toxins accumulate in the body over the years, and performing a body cleanse before pregnancy ensures the clearing of toxins that could be passed into the womb.

    After the baby is born, it is important to know it takes time for a woman’s body to return to its pre-pregnancy state. A great tool for expediting the effects of afterbirth woes is a body cleansing. Engaging in a body cleansing can help a mother shed the baby weight quickly, aid in returning energy, and even help to balance hormones.

    After Alcohol & Drugs

    The use of alcohol and drugs whether it is great or small, affects the body. Two organs, along with many others that can become affected by alcohol and drug use, are the liver and kidneys. Depending on how long and how much someone has been abusing alcohol and drugs, the more toxins the body will build up in these organs.

    Due to exposure of alcohol and drugs over time, the liver and the kidneys may stop functioning properly resulting in conditions such as diabetes and obesity. Performing a body cleanse and eliminating toxins from the body attributed to alcohol and drugs, can help to prevent possible long-term conditions in the future.

    How to Naturally do a Full Body Cleansing?

    When cleansing your body of harmful toxins you can always turn to nature for a little help and inspiration. There are plenty of ways to naturally relieve the body of toxins. Simple ways to naturally detox the body is to include exercise into your daily life; this can be as easy as taking a walk around the block, or another approach is taking a yoga class.

    Whichever routine you choose, it is always a good idea to pave the body’s road to wellness with physical activity. In addition to exercise; there are specific foods and herbs that can help to rid the body of toxins naturally as well!

    Foods that Cleanse the Body Naturally

    The best way to change your health is to change your diet. You have heard the old adage "You are what you eat", well it’s true! When we don’t take care of our bodies and fail to give it proper nutrients, we suffer from digestive discomfort and immune system problems.

    Cleansing foods such as wild rice, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrot, papaya, peaches, cauliflower and celery, are all great detoxers. These foods will help your body eliminate toxic substances through your stool and urine.

    Green leafy vegetables like kale and cabbage are alkaline foods, they help maintain the weak alkaline state of the blood by neutralizing the excessive sugar from the diet as well as remove toxic substances from the blood.

    Some fruits and fruit juices have an exceptional function; they can help to dissolve the stockpile of toxic waste before eliminating it through the excretory system. The best fruits with this unique feature are lemons, oranges, grapefruits grapes, sugar cane juices, plums, apples, and tomatoes. Though some of these have a sour taste, they are proven to maintain the alkaline in the blood.


    Key Things to Remember when Starting a Body Cleansing Program

    • First do no harm! There are a number of detox programs out there, and not only are some of these ineffective, many are actually dangerous.
    • A full body toxin cleanse should be an enhancing and gentle process. Many people start strict detox diets that cut out food altogether or try living on a diet of one type of fruit or vegetable for a period of 5 days! These diets are unhealthy as you are merely robbing your body essential nutrients. Remember to give your body necessary sustenance!
    • Drink plenty of water!
    • Eliminate foods containing toxins and increase your intake of foods containing vitamins and nutrients. Also increase your intake of fiber.
    • A body cleanse starts in the mind. This may seem like a contradictory statement but the more mentally prepared you are for your detox, the greater your chance of success. Use your detox time to reflect, connect with your inner-self and appreciate the moment. These few mental exercises will have a remarkably beneficial effect on your physical self.