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Natural ways to detoxify the body and support drug rehabilitation.

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    What is Drug Detox?

    Recovering from a drug addiction is not easy. It is a long, hard road often accompanied by many stumbling blocks. An individual wanting to break an addiction to drugs will benefit from undertaking steps to detoxify their system and get ‘clean’. Drug detox refers to this process.

    What is a Drug Addict?

    A person qualifies as an addict when he or she becomes dependent on drugs - taking drugs regularly and experiencing cravings for them despite the harmful effects. These drugs can be prescription medications and/or recreational drugs. Millions of people are successfully recovering from drug addiction today because they have received the right help, before it was too late. Rehabilitation and treatment are effective ways of learning how to stop abusing drugs. So, detoxification, often referred to as drug detox, is the first step in the drug rehabilitation process.


    What is the Purpose of Drug Detox?

    The primary objective of drug detox is to eliminate the toxins accumulated in the body as a result of using drugs. This is achieved through a process of detoxification. If these toxins are not removed, any drug residue left in the body will create addictive cravings for the drug again. Withdrawal is the term used to describe the body’s reaction (with physical and psychological symptoms) to the removal of any substance it has become dependent upon.

    Symptoms of Withdrawl

    When an individual goes through withdrawal, symptoms such as sweating, shaking, headaches, nausea, cravings, vomiting, abdominal cramping, diarrhea, insomnia, confusion, agitation, depression, anxiety, or other behavioral changes may be experienced. The nature and severity of withdrawal symptoms varies dramatically depending on the type of drug or drugs used. In addition, the frequency of drug use also impacts on the withdrawal symptoms.

    In today’s global culture it is less common to encounter people who use one drug exclusively. Often you will find that people use a combination of drugs – be it alcohol and prescription drugs or alcohol combined with cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, or crack cocaine.


    How Drug Detox Can Help

    Certain types of drugs such as opiates like heroin, methadone and prescription medication require a period of medical drug detox. There is a self induced, psychological dependence associated with these harmful substances, and a period of medical stabilization is generally recommended.

    Medical Detox

    Treatment includes close monitoring of the person’s vital signs, medical support, emotional care and medication. Commonly used medications such as Klonepin reduce physical symptoms while anticonvulsant medication such as Buprenophex can also be used during drug detox. This period of medical detox usually lasts for 3-7 days.


    Rapid Detox

    These drugs may also be eliminated from the system by using the rapid detox process. This process is conducted under general anesthesia and is overseen by certified anesthesiologists and a staff specialized in this procedure. The patient is administered medications that accelerate the physical reactions to the rapid withdrawal process which can last from 4 to 6 hours, while under anesthesia.
    This is becoming a quick method of drug rehabilitation. However, only once the detox process is completed may the individual participate in the educational and therapeutic process of rehabilitation and treatment.


    Natural Drug Detox

    There are more natural ways to detoxify the body of harmful chemicals and drugs. Natural treatments such as herbal and homeopathic remedies from a reputable source will use the highest quality of herbs and minerals to help eliminate toxins from the body. These remedies are gentle, safe, and at the same time effective ways to detoxify the body. Herbs such as Taraxacum officinalis (Dandelion) and Foeniculum vulgare (Fennel) will cleanse the toxins from the blood, fat cells, organs and urine. Pelargonium reniforme has a wide range of therapeutic functions and is well known for its beneficial effect on liver functioning and as a digestive tonic.

    The power of a proper diet that includes fruit, vegetables, juices and soup as natural ways to detoxify the body are equally important. Combined with plenty of water, exercise and nutritional supplements, these natural treatments can enhance purification and lessen the severity of the withdrawal period. Other holistic treatments that are also helpful when detoxing from drugs and chemicals include acupuncture, chiropractic therapy and massage.

    In order for drug rehabilitation to be successful, the person suffering from the drug addiction including their friends and family have to admit that there is a problem. Once the desire and willpower has been accomplished to deal with the drug addiction, then the necessary action may be taken to enter rehabilitation and treatment. Enlisting the help of a therapist and a strong support network during this difficult period of drug rehabilitation is highly recommended. There is life after drug addiction!


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