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Natural and herbal remedies for the treatment of hair care.

    Hair Care

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    Caring for Your Hair Naturally

    Even the healthiest hair can begin to take the strain of daily beauty regimes, environmental toxicity, and poor modern day eating habits. It is important to note that the living cells that promote hair growth are hidden in the hair follicles of the scalp, and that the hair we see (the hair shaft) consist mostly of non-living keratin proteins.

    Simply put, the visible part of the hair is not living and therefore cannot repair itself once damaged. For this reason, it is essential to limit the use of damaging hair products and hair styling practices, while promoting healthy re-growth from the inside out with a healthy life-style and balanced diet.

    While there are numerous shampoos and conditioners that claim to repair and promote healthy hair, it is ultimately a healthy supply of nutrient-rich blood to the scalp and hair follicles that promotes healthy hair growth and the prevention of hair loss.

    Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies related to hair care

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    There are a number of herbal and homeopathic ingredients that can help promote healthy hair growth and maintenance. These include herbal ingredients such as Ginkgo biloba, Rosmarinus officinale, andXanthoxylum clavaherculis, all of which act as circulatory stimulants which promote the flow of nutrient rich blood to the scalp and hair follicles.

    Another herbal ingredient commonly used for healthy hair is Equisetum arvense which is rich in minerals and assists in the healthy growth of all connective tissue, including hair and nails.

    Hair Care Tips:
    • Beautiful and manageable hair need not be seen as an unattainable goal. A very simple rule of thumb is that healthy hair is beautiful hair regardless of type, texture, or color. Below are a few simple and easy tips to promote healthy hair:
    • Try switching to more natural shampoos and conditioners that contain naturally derived cleansers, as these are less likely to strip the hair of its natural oils.
    • Try not over-wash your hair as this can be extremely drying. Most people can get away with washing their hair two to three times a week; however, if you do have oily hair then daily washing with a mild shampoo is often necessary. Just remember that it is the scalp that is oily, not all of your hair so when washing concentrate on the roots. Also remember to replace lost oils by conditioning from the middle of the hair shaft down to the tips.
    • Heat can be very damaging to hair so avoid very hot hair dryers and straightening irons.
    • Avoid the harsh hair chemicals such as chemical perms, bleaches and any treatments or shampoos with harsh synthetic ingredients.
    • Avoid brushing wet hair as this causing hair to stretch and break. When blow dying hair, run your fingers through your hair to dry and style it until it is at least 80 percent dry before styling it with a brush.
    • Smoking has been scientifically shown to cause hair loss which is yet another good reason to kick the habit. If you do smoke, then consider quitting smoking the natural way!
    • Remember that eating poorly, or yo-yo dieting is not only bad for your general health, but it will most often result in dry lifeless hair. Make sure your diet is a healthy and balanced one including lots of fresh fruit and raw vegetables, Omega-3 fatty acids and proteins – all of which are essential for healthy hair growth!
    • Make sure you are getting enough Vitamins A, C, and B.


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