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Natural treatments for healthy skin care to help maintain and support soft, smooth and supple skin.

    natural skin care treatments to help keep skin healthy, clear and soft

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    What is Healthy Skin?

    Healthy, clear skin is arguably the most sought after physical trait in today’s times. Healthy skin is supple, radiant and soft to the touch and seems to ‘glow’. Best of all – healthy skin can make one look years younger!

    The skin is flexible, waterproof and covers the entire outside of the body. It performs several important roles such as a sensory mechanism for feeling sensations such as heat, cold, as well as socio-sexual and emotional sensations. It regulates body temperature and prevents tissue fluid loss from the body. Fluid loss in the skin leads to dry skin and a wrinkled appearance.

    The skin is made up of three layers – the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. The epidermis is the thin outermost layer of the skin that serves as a waterproof barrier to the environment. Under the epidermis is a thicker layer of skin called the dermis that contains collagen and elastin to keep the skin firm and flexible and give it a supple appearance.

    Deeper in the dermis are sweat glands that connect to the surface of the skin through narrow, spiral-shaped sweat ducts – these are called the pores of the skin. The sebaceous glands secrete an oily substance called sebum that moisturizes the skin (keeping it soft). The subcutaneous layer, also referred to as the subcutis, is a layer of fat and connective tissue that consists of larger blood vessels and nerves.

    This layer regulates the temperature of the skin itself and the body while protecting other organs from injury by acting as a ‘shock absorber’. For many years people have made use of synthetic ingredients and chemicals in skincare and cosmetics. Nowadays, people are becoming more proactive about their health and there is an increasing demand for pure, natural products for skincare and cosmetics.

    Help for Healthy Skin

    Natural Remedies

    Natural products such as herbal and homeopathic remedies can help keep skin supple and moisturized. In addition, there are also anti-aging skincare remedies as well as natural hair and nail treatments and vitamins to optimize skin care. Herbal and homeopathic remedies present a gentle option – without the harsh side effects of chemicals and synthetics.

    Natrium muriaticum (Nat. mur.) is a biochemic tissue salt which helps to maintain the body’s water balance and is an essential component of all living cells. This tissue salt has an excellent reputation for effectively treating eczema, psoriasis and any other sensitive skin condition that is associated with blisters and watery discharge from the skin.

    Spirulina can help to promote skin metabolism and lessen scarring, while the herb Dandelion can be used to naturally detox and renew the skin and purify the blood and lymphatic system, thus promoting an inner glow that helps create translucent skin. Other herbs such as Horsetail and Rosemary can also be beneficial – helping to smooth, soften and retain supple texture, while helping to strengthen and tone the skin. In addition, Kali sulph and Silicea nourish skin cells from the inside on a cellular level.

    More Information on Healthy Skin

    How to attain healthy skin
    • Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day to keep your skin moist, refreshed and supple
    • Apply moisturizer after a warm face wash to restore oils and keep skin hydrated
    • Keep your face well protected from UV rays can help to prevent premature aging
    • Exercise to keep skin elasticity and prevent wrinkles
    • Eat a healthy diet full of vitamins and minerals to keep your skin fresh and clean
    • Get good sleep – sleep will help your skin to look more healthy and fresh
    • Be gentle when washing and use a light circular motion
    • Do not squeeze spots!
    • Do not smoke – this causes premature aging and yellowing of the skin
    • Cleanse your face every day, preferably at night before bed
    • Do not use harsh chemicals on your face – a natural cleanser is best


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