Motherhood Adjustment

Natural remedies and advice to promote nurturing instincts and emotional wellbeing in new moms to help them adapt to motherhood.

    Motherhood Adjustment

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    What is Motherhood Adjustment?

    The period following the birth of your child can be a blissful, yet emotionally taxing experience. Many mothers find they are swept up in a whirlwind of emotions ranging from relief and complete fatigue to nervousness, anxiety, excitement, indescribable joy and contentment. For first-time mothers there are also many unknowns, and it is not uncommon for new mothers to experience concerns over their ability to be a good mother, and how they will raise and nurture this new little life.

    For the first few days and weeks after childbirth, much time and emotional energy will be spent on getting used to all things new and adapting to new routines and priorities. It is normal to feel overwhelmed, tearful or excessively worried and fearful during this time, and you may even feel a little trapped.

    Do not beat yourself up if you start to feel these things, but rather keep reminding yourself that there has been much to adjust to. New sleep routines and the physical exertion of the birthing and post-birth healing process can make your body feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Your hormones will be all over the place as your body adjusts to your sudden "non-pregnant" state and this can further affect your emotions, physical well-being and confidence.

    Help for Motherhood Adjustment

    Natural Remedies

    Who better to trust through the first steps of parenthood than Mother Nature herself? Flower and Gem essences derived from natural ingredients such as Comfrey, and Petunia help to promote your nurturing instincts and instill confidence in your parenting abilities.

    Zinnia flower essence brings out the child-like qualities of cheerfulness, humor, wonder and energy, helping adults to relate more freely and easily to children and facilitates joy and laughter. Clivia essence is most useful for mothers who are overly-anxious about their children or other loved ones. This essence promotes a caring attitude with an inner strength, calmness and trust in the expectation of your family’s safety.

    More Information on Motherhood Adjustment

    Tips for new moms
    • Learn to trust yourself and your motherly instincts. Mothering is a natural process that is learnt only through taking up the role of motherhood. Of course, you may sometimes need advice or a helping hand but remember that ultimately, you and your partner know your child the best.
    • Encourage your partner to bond with new baby and get involved with the baby duties. Holding, feeding, napping, diaper changes, infant massage, and bathing baby are all activities that both parents should have an active role in.
    • Try to establish a routine early on as this will help you and your partner to structure your days better and it will help new baby to feel more stable and contented. Your baby will probably dictate the routine within the first few days but you can soon adapt this to include routine feeding times, nap times as well as relaxing periods where you just relax, play and cuddle your little bundle of joy. Make your baby’s nap time a time for you to nap, relax or rejuvenate.
    • Look after your own needs. Your little one is totally dependant on you to survive so be sure to look after yourself so that you can give of your best. Make sure you get time to relax and a little time for yourself.
    • Consider joining a new-mother group. It can be a great emotional support to meet with other new moms who are going through the same things.