Infant Emotional Development

Natural remedies to ease your newborn infant's social and emotional development from the womb.

    Infant Emotional Development

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    What is Infant Emotional Development?

    It’s a momentous occasion as your new baby enters this world and starts on the wonderful journey of life. It is also a time where you as parent are feeling overwhelmed with emotion, excited at this amazing new life, and probably more than a little fatigued too. Now if you are feeling all these things, just imagine what your little one must be experiencing!

    Months of floating blissfully in the warm, safe and quiet environment of the womb has ended abruptly and your baby is suddenly faced with the rush and noise of the world where lights are bright, and all stimuli very new and somewhat overwhelming.

    As you might imagine, this new wide world is a lot for your little one to take in and he or she may feel somewhat anxious and ‘lost’ despite your efforts to make them feel comforted and safe. While we don’t often think about it, as we cannot remember this stage of life ourselves, this beginning phase of life must be the biggest adjustment that a human being ever has to make!

    Help for Infant Emotional Development

    Using the essences of especially chosen flowers can help to safely help to ease your little one’s recovery from birth and adjustment to life outside the womb, giving him or her a sense of inner peace and the feeling of belonging in the universe. This will be a great aid in the infant’s emotional development. As Flower Essences use the vibrational energies of selected flowers to effect healing within the individual and do not contain any synthetic ingredients or even natural extracts of herbs, they are extremely safe for use in newborn babies.

    Examples include Sweetpea flower essence which provides an internal sense of calmness and serenity and sense of belonging, while Thyme is an energizing essence which also enhances awareness of both the conscious and subconscious mind. Other essences that can aid your baby’s recovery from the birth process include Baeometra which helps to address fatigue and impart a sense of new promise and optimism, and Cauliflower essence which is specifically for shock sustained during the birth process.

    More Information on Infant Emotional Development

    Tips for parents of Newborns
    • Your baby is 100% dependent on you for survival and there are a few basic needs that must be met. Your new baby needs to be kept clean, warm, fed and rested and meeting these needs promptly helps to make you baby feel secure and safe. In addition, your baby need lots of love and affection, and the good thing is that you can’t overdo holding and cuddling your baby!
    • Keep your home or at least the immediate area around your baby as peaceful as possible. Loud unfamiliar noises, bright lights, and busy environments can be overwhelming for your newborn, however, new babies will not be unduly disturbed by normal household sounds and these can also help to impart a sense of security and comfort.
    • Encourage your partner to bond with new baby and get involved with all the baby duties. Getting you partner to participate in feeding, holding, bathing and changing baby will lighten the load and help baby to adjust to both important people in his or her life.
    • Learn to trust and listen to your motherly instincts. Mothering is a natural process that is learnt only through taking up the role of motherhood. Of course, you may sometimes need advice or a helping hand but remember that ultimately, you and your partner know your child the best.
    • Routine is often useful for parents but it is also a great comfort to your little one as they become accustomed to what to expect. Your newborn will probably dictate the routine within the first few days but you can soon adapt this to include routine feeding times, nap times as well as relaxing periods where you just relax, play and cuddle your little bundle of joy or listen to a calming CD. Keeping set times for dinner bath and bedtime will also help to set your baby’s inner ‘body clock’ and encourage good sleep habits.