Bone Strength

Natural homeopathic remedies for the treatment of decreasing bone strength

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    What Does Bone Strength Mean?

    Healthy, strong bones are essential to living a long, comfortable, vibrant lifestyle. It is never too early to take care of your bones. 

    Strong bones ensure comfort and mobility and reduce the likelihood of fractures. Conversely, weak bones may result in pain of bones and joints and, in some cases, spinal weakness. Strong bones are solid and rich in calcium and other minerals that make up the structure of bones.

    How Can the Strength of My Bones Be Determined?

    A DEXA scan is a quick, non-invasive test that can be easily performed in a radiology department. If weakness or osteoporosis is found, urine tests may be implemented to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.

    What Causes Bone Strength to Lessen?

    There are several factors that can contribute to diminishing bone strength. Post-menopausal women of Caucasian or Asian descent who have never given birth are at risk of losing bone strength and mass, as well as women who are short and small boned. Men can also be at risk for bone loss in addition to people who have an overactive thyroid or parathyroid glands.

    Lack of exercise and a low intake of digestible calcium increase the chances of bone loss, as does smoking and consuming excessive alcohol. A family history of osteoporosis also increases the likelihood that osteoporosis may occur.

    Certain medications may promote bone loss, such as anticonvulsants and steroids, and even some medications used to treat cancer may increase the risk.

    What Can Be Done to Maintain Bone Strength and Reduce Osteoporosis?

    Conventional medical practitioners recommend calcium supplements and medications to help retard bone loss. Unfortunately, some of the calcium products are not well absorbed. They can be large pills, which are difficult to swallow. Calcium must be administered in a form that is readily absorbed, and must be combined with other ingredients so the calcium can be utilized.

    Some prescription medications used to preserve bone strength are poorly tolerated. A few require intravenous administration while others require strict adherence to instructions in order to prevent serious complications, including death.

    Hormone replacement therapy may reduce bone loss and maintain strength, but increases the risk of development of some cancers, as well as strokes and other complications.

    Natural health practitioners recommend a regular weight bearing exercise program to promote strong bones. They use natural remedies which enhance the kidneys' ability to conserve calcium.

    Homeopathic supplements may be used to maintain or improve bone strength. Combination products are superior to individual remedies as they contain compounds which target bone strength and prevent and reduce discomfort.

    In addition to improving the health of bone cells, supplements also benefit collagen formation. Collagen provides the framework that bone cells grow on. Silica is a remedy that enhances collagen health.

    Native Remedies' BoneBuildPro is an easily administered, effective blend that is immediately absorbed and does not interact with pharmaceutical drugs.

    More Information about Bone Strength

    • Plant estrogens provide a healthy alternative to hormone replacement therapies. Soy has been shown to increase bone density by up to six percent within six months to one year.
    • Salt, sugar and soft drinks and high protein diets promote the loss of calcium.
    • A wide variety of easily absorbable high calcium foods can increase bone strength. Dark green leafy vegetables are excellent options.
    • Vitamins D, B6, B12, folic acid and magnesium promote bone strength

    Maintain or improve bone strength by incorporating healthy nutritional choices and a regular exercise program into your lifestyle. Walking outside provides exercise with the added bonus of vitamin D from the sun. Effective supplementation includes ingredients that  are well tolerated, easily administered and economical. They prevent bone loss as well as strengthen the collagen framework of the bones. Treat your bones well and they will optimize your quality of life for all of your days.

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