Natural treatments for itchy skin relief to reduce rashes and itching caused by bites from mites.

    natural skin treatments for relief of itchy rashes due to mite bites

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    What are Mites?

    Mites are incredibly diverse and successful little creatures that belong to the arachnid family. While it may not be a pleasant thought, these eight-legged invertebrates are all around us and live in our homes, on our skin and on our pets.

    What Causes Mite Infestation?

    In many cases, mites go unnoticed as the majority of them are microscopic and do not cause us any harm. However, there are a large variety of mite species and some of them can become a nuisance as they can cause skin irritations and allergies.

    Most bothersome mites are actually parasitic to other animals such as birds, rodents, and our household pets. Occasionally, these mites may be passed on to humans where they bite and may cause skin rashes and irritation, however, most of them will not live for long off their preferred host.

    Two mites that most commonly disturb humans are house-dust mites which are often a leading cause for allergies, and scabies mites, which are the most common cause of mite-related skin irritations. Symptoms of skin mites include severe itching (especially at night), a skin rash or little red bumps on the skin, as well as blistered, crusty and scaly skin.

    Help for Mites

    Natural Remedies

    Suffering from mite-related skin irritation can be very itchy and frustrating, particularly those from chigger bites, and it helps to know that there are natural ways to bring relief from this pesky problem. The homeopathic ingredient Psorinum, which is actually derived from scabies, is excellent at soothing itchy skin and mite related skin irritation.

    The homeopathic remedy Staphisagria is commonly used externally as treatment for itchy skin and parasites and is also said to be fatal to the itch mite which causes scabies. Lastly, Viola tri is an excellent remedy for intolerable itching and other skin complaints so often associated with mite rashes and skin reactions.

    More Information on Mites

    Tips for coping with mites
    • The skin reactions associated with mites are commonly mistaken for other skin problems such as eczema. It is therefore useful to visit your doctor if you have skin problems so that a proper diagnosis can be made, and thus proper treatment.
    • Many mites are contagious and so if one member of the family is diagnosed with mites, then the entire family as well as others in close contact with the infected person should be treated.
    • Make sure to wash all bedding and clothing that may be infected.
    • Spray tea tree oil on belts, shoes and other items that cannot go through the wash, but which may be infected with contagious.
    • When dealing with contagious mites such as scabies it is important to vacuum clean all carpets, rugs, mattresses, curtains and upholstery and afterwards immediately discard the vacuum bag. Regular vacuuming can also reduce incidence of other mites such as the common house-dust mite.


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