Suppressing the Appetite

Natural homeopathic remedies for help suppressing the appetite

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    What Does Suppressing the Appetite Mean?

    “I was craving a midnight snack”, “I ate the whole box of ice cream” and “I really meant to just have a taste” are all statements made by people who have trouble controlling their appetites. Everyone knows that being overweight and filling up on junk food is unhealthy, yet millions of people struggle every day with appetite control.

    Hunger, cravings, stress eating and binge eating can all lead to weight gain, obesity, sluggishness and poor body image. The desire to overeat is not caused by weak self discipline, but by chemical imbalances within the body.

    What Causes a Large Appetite?

    Some people are born with larger appetites, while other people develop unhealthy appetites due to stress, work and daily commitments.

    Studies have shown that biology plays a major role in the development of large appetites. Serotonin is a chemical within the brain that most people know as a neurotransmitter responsible for having a good mood. It also has a role in appetite control. Low serotonin levels cause hunger; the result of which is overeating. When people say “eating makes me happy”, they are speaking the truth, so those who struggle with depression and anxiety may eat to feel better.

    Tryptophan is a biochemical known to promote relaxation. A lack of tryptophan can cause binge eating, and a craving for carbohydrates occurs. Without proper levels of tryptophan and other neurotransmitters, the brain does not recognize the sensation of fullness.

    Additionally, people who are overeaters find that their bodies burn fat at a slower rate than people who are physically fit. As a result, fat is stored rather than burned.

    Other factors that can contribute to developing a large appetite include inactivity, which creates boredom and hunger, and eating on the run, which often means not eating all day or just grabbing an unhealthy snack. Thus, when a meal is finally eaten, it is usually laden with carbohydrates and fat and packed with calories.

    A large appetite and an unhealthy lifestyle require a multifaceted approach to achieve a healthy weight.

    How to Suppress the Appetite

    Exercise is essential because it produces biochemicals that suppress the appetite. Check with your health care provider prior to starting an exercise program. Start with small achievable goals like taking regular walks, which is a great exercise.

    In addition to suppressing your appetite and boosting your mood, exercise builds muscle. Muscle is the most efficient fat burner in your body.

    Eat a healthy diet that contains whole foods, and always have healthy snacks with you. Do not skip meals. Instead, try preparing several meals in advance so that you will have them handy throughout the day. Fill up on bulky foods such as whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables which are packed with nutrients and promote a feeling of fullness.

    Drink plenty of fresh water. It will help you to feel full and promote optimal functioning of your organs of elimination. Your organs of elimination are the lungs, liver, skin, urinary and digestive tracts. Keeping these organs healthy will help with weight loss, promote energy and boost your metabolic rate.

    Finally, get rest and relaxation. Tired people are more likely to eat poorly.

    Additional Information about Suppressing the Appetite

    Avoid diet pills, as they can be addicting and have serious side effects. Instead, use natural remedies that improve the health of your entire body while reducing your appetite.

    Eat a healthy diet. Crash diets are unhealthy and ineffective, and in the long run they promote a pattern of weight loss followed by weight gain. That pattern makes future weight loss more difficult. Pick a diet that you can stick with for life.

    Use homeopathic or herbal supplements daily; they restore proper function of the biochemical imbalances within the brain. Balance of the neurotransmitters is essential to appetite suppression and achievement of a healthy weight.

    Herbal remedies have been safely used to enhance wellbeing for centuries. They provide nutrients that help reduce feelings of hunger and trace vitamins and minerals. Some are excellent sources of fiber and can safely boost your metabolism.

    Homeopathic remedies are safe and well-tolerated. They gently correct imbalances throughout the body without causing the jittery feeling that diet pills sometimes do. Homeopathic remedies effectively improve the function of the appetite control centers located in the brain. They help to diminish cravings for unhealthy foods and help the body to recognize when it is full. Unlike many diet pills, homeopathic remedies are non-addicting and do not interact with other medications.

    Controlling your appetite, getting active and making healthy lifestyle choices will get you started on a lifetime packed with energy, confidence and long-term health.

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