Ten Natural Ways to Increase Sex Drive in Women

How to naturally increase women's passion & sexual desire.

Author: Patricia Bratianu RN PhD RH-AHG

Sex drive is related to many factors. Here are some ideas to increase sex drive in women naturally.

Get enough sleep. Fatigue is the reason that most women say that they have a decreased sex drive. Between work and nurturing others, many women say that they are just too tired to have sex. Try to have a regular bedtime. Make your bedroom a place you want to be in. Turn off the television. Close the door.

Exercise releases hormones that increase passion. Exercise also creates a toned body. If you know you look your best, you may be more enthusiastic about having your partner make love with you.

Eat a well balanced healthy diet. Foods rich in essential fatty acids such as nuts, salmon, and flax provide nutrients that are needed to manufacture estrogen and other hormones.

Consider using vaginal lubricants, such as aloe, if vaginal dryness is a concern.

Eat chocolate. Chocolate is rich in nutrients and has an aphrodisiac effect. Enjoy ethically grown dark chocolate bars. Share with your partner as well.

Give and receive a massage with essential oils that are aphrodisiacs. See what fragrances stimulate you and your partner. Try rose, jasmine, patchouli or sandalwood.

Take a sumptuous bath with a few drops of essential oils added to the bathwater prior to having sex. Have the best quality towels that you can afford ready to dry off with. Put on a sensuous robe or lingerie. Better yet, share your tub or shower with your partner.

Have a date night. Plan ahead. Think of the excitement you had when you and your partner were first together. Take risks. Did you make out in the back of a car? Did you have a favorite rendezvous spot? Replicate those memories.

Use supplements known to enhance sex drive and energy. Native Remedies makes an excellent product called Thanda Passion Booster. Beyond revving up your sex drive, Thanda Passion Booster will make you feel energized and is rich in phytochemicals that aid your general health.

Get a supplement for your partner. A supplement, designed for men that contains ingredients shown to increase potency is called Ikawe for Men. The name means warrior. It is made by Native Remedies as well.

By implementing these natural interventions, you are bound to feel energized, relaxed and sexy. That will increase your sex drive and passion.

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