4 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Performance in the Classroom

Author: Diane Dean, RN, LPC

Although you might not see Yale or Harvard in your child’s future, you’d at least like to keep him on the upper rungs of the academic ladder. In all aspects of life, we want more for our children than we, ourselves, had. Money. Status. Love, perhaps. Although children have preferences, personalities, strengths, limitations and wills of their own--some say from birth--encouraging good life habits can help them develop good study habits, and in turn, help them to experience academic success.

Although school may be out for the summer, your efforts to support your child’s academic success remain a year-round endeavor. Basics like encouraging sound sleep and nutrition habits, coupled with exploring natural remedies, practicing focusing, and offering authentic praise will go a long way toward helping your child to perform at his fullest potential academically. Baby Einstein? Maybe not. But the best rate version of himself, indeed.

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