5 Ways to Get Connected (Without Technology)

How to connect to people without using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Author: Christin Sander, Health Writer

Our modern society has resulted in an overabundance of stimulation, from news tickers to social media, phones with thousands of apps and everything in between. People are continuously barraged with too much stimuli. The result is often exhaustion, anxiety, and even problems connecting with others in meaningful ways. Texting and tweeting have replaced genuine human bonding and interaction, leaving many feeling disconnected. Take some time today to disconnect so you can reconnect using these 5 simple tips.

Turn Off the TV

The habit of turning on the TV discourages conversation and real interaction with the family. Instead, take time to enjoy dinner at the table and spend time talking. Enjoy an evening playing a board game together. These interactions form tighter bonds among family members and give you a chance to reconnect while still doing something fun and relaxing. 

Go Out and Put the Phone Away

Have a face to face conversation with a friend over coffee or a nice lunch. Put the phones away and actually engage fully in the present conversation. Nothing is as distracting as trying to have a conversation with someone who can't stop checking their phone. Put it away and show your friend or loved one they are worth an hour of your time. 

Reconnect with Yourself

There are many great ways to reconnect mentally and spiritually with yourself. Our hectic lifestyles often come with a price. Self-neglect is commonplace, and as a result, personal health suffers – physically, emotionally, and mentally. Take time to engage in mind-body connection practices to overcome this stress. Activities like yoga and meditation have been shown to have many health benefits, including stress relief, mental clarity and a reduced risk of disease.

Plant a Garden

Gardens are a great way to relieve stress while engaging in a healthy activity. You don't need a large space either; container gardens are fun and very useful. Grow herbs, vegetables, flowers and whatever makes you feel good. Grow your own food and enjoy preparing meals together as a family using the healthy foods you've nurtured and prepared yourself. 

Get Involved!

Volunteerism is a great way to give to your community and yourself. Those who volunteer feel they are doing something that helps them with a higher sense of purpose. It's a great way to connect with others and to see the good in the world again, particularly during times of tragedy and upheaval. 

Get connected by disconnecting to ease stress and anxiety, relieve boredom and get inspired again. If you find you regularly struggle with the negative effects of a chaotic and busy daily life, you may find natural supplements like PureCalm help ease excess stress and tension and promote a calmer mood.  

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