7 Tips to Prevent Viral Infections

Author: Rhonda Bilsker Pearl, NCCAOM, LAc, CA

Chinese medicine is all about prevention of illnesses. Since I am a practitioner of Chinese medicine, this topic is near and dear to me. Unfortunately, we live in a toxic world. The polluted air we breathe, the modified food we eat and the contaminated things we touch are all part of our daily lives. Our best defense is to keep our bodies healthy and strong. If we don't do that, the chances of catching a virus or two are much greater. We must be proactive and act in a manner that supports our immune system. We are only given one body; we must care for it.

By implementing the suggestions below, we increase our chances of staying healthy.

Keep your environment clean by sanitizing and disinfecting homes, work spaces, hotel rooms, etc. Think about the objects that are handled the most and wipe them down before touching (don't use sponges as the dampness hoards harmful bacteria). Air out new items purchased, such as sneakers, new carpet, new mattresses, etc. The plastics leave a toxicity that we should not breathe in. By removing the wrappers and placing items outside for a few days, or near open windows to allow fresh air in, it will remove that strange odor. If you don't know what I mean, purchase a new pillow, remove the plastic wrapper and smell the pillow. It's that smell we don't want to allow into our lungs.

It's best to eat your meals at home. You know you have a clean kitchen and have prepared and cleaned the food properly. And you know your hands have been washed. Did you know that eating sliced lemon out in a restaurant is hazardous to your health? Tests have shown that the lemon slice is one of the highest fecal containment foods served. This happens from improper washing of hands. So certainly say no to ordering lemon in your water!

And an oldie but goodie: always practice safe sex. Have sex - that's good for us - but make sure it's safe. Many sexually contracted viruses are chronic, so you don't want to have to live with that!

Help prevent spreading a virus by covering your mouth with your elbow versus your hand when you have to cough. We use our hands for everything so this simple action helps to prevent the spreading of germs.

Most importantly, keep your immune system strong so that you have the ability to ward off viruses. Regular acupuncture treatments will enhance your immune system by strengthening your organs.

I also advise taking products that not only enhance the immune system, but provide a gentle detoxification. This will help to rid the daily impurities that our bodies must endure. Make sure your detox contains dandelion, as this will help your liver to detox while providing many vitamins.

To further strengthen your immune system, look for supplements that contain rosemary and mistletoe. Rosemary is know to help prevent inflammation.

Don't forget to get plenty of rest, exercise, and eat healthy, frequently and, whenever possible, at home.

Be proactive to prevent viruses entering your body. Take care of yourself.

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