Acupressure Therapy for Emotional Healing

By Tess Thompson

Acupressure is part of Chinese traditional medicine that attempts to treat and cure diseases by using specific pressure points called meridians. What is not known commonly is that it also uses its techniques to treat emotional issues like grief, fear, anxiety and phobias.

The natural human tendency is that people cannot remain sad for long. But there are times when the feeling of intense sadness and sorrow caused by the loss of a loved one can lead to emotional distress of a magnitude that may become difficult to manage.

Grief is a natural reaction to bereavement that all of us experience, and mourning is part of grief that should be completed before normal life can be resumed. But what does one do when emotional health is in tatters? Managing grief becomes easy when there is support forthcoming from family, support groups, or a grief counselor. When that does not work, the only avenue left for a grieving person is to seek other means.

A grief counselor uses the tools available to talk through the emotional distress that a mournful person may be experiencing. Traditional talk therapies fail to work sometimes, due to the gravity of the bereavement or lack of proper cognitive ability of the individual involved. On the other hand, medications associated with psychological problems are notorious for their detrimental effects, since they affect the physical and emotional wellness of a person permanently. Alternative therapies are relatively safer and can prove to be of great help.

According to the Chinese theory, only a healthy body houses a healthy mind, and proper functioning of both mind and body is dependent upon the free flow of the vital energy force. This energy gets blocked due to the yin and yang forces. When the negative force (yin) overpowers the positive force (yang) due to stress, improper diet, and/or environment, the mind becomes unreceptive to positive ideas.

Acupressure uses mild to moderate pressure on the body's meridian energy system to release blocked energy to provide relief from stress. This helps in attaining a positive mental attitude. Acupressure techniques for managing emotions are a blend of Western psychotherapy and breathing exercises combined with the popular Chinese technique of utilizing specific pressures points.

The major drawback of alternative therapies is that they do not have scientifically proven research to back their claims. Most of them are based on anecdotal evidence, which can be biased or mooted by vested interests.

As it does not involve intense pressure or intake of any harmful substances, there seems to be no harm in trying it for emotional healing if nothing else seems to work. The frequent mood swings that people experience during grief can hinder daily functioning to a great extent, affecting both work and personal life. Therefore, seeking any kind of treatment after a reasonable amount of time is the best approach.


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