Beyond the Classroom… Challenges Adults Face Each Fall

Parental pressures and more

Tess Thompson

Whether or not you have children in the household, you will likely feel the effects of a new school term regardless. More traffic on the road often results in road rage; stores are more crowded, which can challenge patience levels; and advertisements bombard consumers with messages to “get organized”, which can cause anxiety in people already juggling multiple responsibilities.

These additional stressors can turn even the most level-headed person into a nervous wreck, worrying about their children reaching for preconceived standards of success or evaluating personal goals and achievements as a result of the back-to-school frenzy.   

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For an adult suffering from ADD/ADHD, the influx of new stimuli can be especially overwhelming, leading to increased stress levels, depression, and changes in sleep patterns—which can all become more serious health issues if not properly managed. Many adults were never taught proper ways of dealing with stress in childhood, and sometimes turn to unhealthy sources to cope when frustrated… leading to addictions, eating disorders, and other vices that can compromise well-being.

Not managing stress properly often interferes with healthy brain functioning, including concentration, focus, and attention span—further  exacerbating existing ADD/ADHD conditions.

For parents, (especially those with adult ADD/ADHD) the effects of these issues can trickle down to their children, who may also be feeling their own pressures related to performance and peer pressure. For tips on helping children with ADD/ADHD.

In addition, just getting back into a routine after summer vacation can be overwhelming. The fall semester also coincides with the end of the fiscal year for many companies, which can result in added pressures at the office. Whether you’re enforcing bedtimes, helping with homework, managing a large project (or all 3!), additional tasks can make day-to-day issues tougher to tackle without time and stress management techniques.

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However, there are positive benefits that can be gained from new school year beginning, even to those who are not of school age or with children… the key is finding the right perspective. While these seemingly annoying delays and added tasks may seem to be futile, they may provide a catalyst for us to realize we need to make healthier lifestyle changes. They may also help us to reach our full potential by providing a little extra motivation to start anew ourselves.

Even if the day seems to grow shorter with each additional chore or project, finding some time for relaxation is essential to best manage stress. In combination with a healthy lifestyle and diet, natural remedies can support the healthy functioning of the brain and nervous system, helping to maintain motivation, concentration, memory, and optimum performance… while also keeping nerves settled and soothed.

Keeping a positive perspective will also work wonders to managing transient seasonal stressors. Usually after a period of adjustment, your body and mind will begin to acclimate to the new schedules and routines, and you can begin to enjoy the mindset of “starting anew”… whether you’re a parent or not!


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