Cambridge Diet - Starving To Lose Weight Fast

By Tess Thompson

The Cambridge Diet is another one of those diets that tell you how to naturally lose weight fast. The diet claims to control and direct ‘the excellent properties of starvation’.

The Cambridge Diet is a low calorie diet, which limits calorie intake to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide enough proteins to protect lean tissue.
  • Limit carbohydrate intake to initiate mild ketosis (body burning its own fat).
  • Eliminate the sense of hunger.
  • Include the right levels of minerals, vitamins and trace elements and fatty acids to maintain health.

The diet insists upon only three pre-packaged meals of a total of 500 calories or less per day for fast weight loss. However, the diet also includes a program that allows an alternative option for a gradual weight loss. This option includes some regular food as well and the weight loss is claimed to be slower. In both cases, the pre-packaged food comprises of nutrition bars, shakes, oats, soups or formula diet of various flavors.

The diet has various phases. The start up is devoted to a gradual decrease in calorie intake before reaching the levels desired to lose weight fast. Along with a decrease in calorie intake, a gradual increase in consumption of liquids is recommended. The end goal for this is to achieve at least eight glasses of water or fluids every day. Allowed fluids include black tea or coffee, plain or sparkling water (without fruit flavoring).

The diet acknowledges that there are likely to be hunger pangs for the first few days. However, the suggestion is to divert attention till the time the body adapts to them. The theory basically is that eating stimulates appetite. It is argued that if you do not fall to the trigger and refrain from eating, the sense of hunger shall disappear after a few days.

The Cambridge Diet also suggests that overwork should be avoided at all times. If you feel tired, you are encouraged to take a break from work and rest a while.

The Cambridge Diet demands a great amount of commitment to weight loss. The initial stages do not bring about a substantial weight loss. Such starvation may be tough in the beginning but regular weighing and measuring vital statistics are enough motivation for continuing.

Many traditional cultures have extolled the virtues and benefits of starvation. These cultures associated spiritual and religious aspects to the ‘fasting’ process. The basic fundamentals, one can guess, lie in the need for periodic cleansing of the body. The Cambridge Diet may be a good solution for managing diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure and maybe a good break after you have binged.

However, it has to be still noted that if you are looking for permanent weight loss, you will need to make some permanent changes in eating habits and lifestyle to maintain any kind of weight loss that you may have accomplished.


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