Coconut Oil Diet - Is It Healthy?

By Tess Thompson

In the search for a perfect diet, people around the world have tried practically anything and everything. The realization of the benefits of coconut oil is a part of that search. The Coconut Oil Diet is based on the coconut-rich diets of South Pacific cultures. Coconut oil is also the standard cooking medium in the coastal areas of practically all South Asian countries.

The Coconut Oil Diet is inspired from cultures where people stick to their natural eating habits developed over centuries, without much ado to carbohydrate or protein content. These diets include a regular healthy mix of meats, fish, vegetables and dairy products. The only difference, however, is that as coconut is easily available locally, they use its oil as a cooking medium and add freshly grated coconut to make pastes, sauces, and curries.

Coconut oil is one of the healthiest fats available, and therefore, it is believed that if all food is cooked in this coconut oil, there is a significant increase in the quality of fat being ingested.

The Coconut Diet is similar to a low-carbohydrate diet with few variations, most notably just that coconut oil is thrown in as a primary source of fat. It claims that coconut oil helps to lose weight while enhancing thyroid capabilities.

Since the Coconut Oil Diet is a no-carbohydrate diet, the emphasis is mainly on foods rich in protein like chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, cheese and nuts. The diet also recommends drinking at least ten glasses of water every day.

Like some of the other low carbohydrate diets, it has a strict first phase where no deviation is allowed from the recommended foods. The stress is evidently on low-carbohydrate content with two to three spoons of coconut oil added to all meals. The next phase, over a period of four weeks, focuses on detoxification of the colon and other organs of the body. The last two phases are for slow reintroduction of carbohydrates and weight maintenance.

Due to the premium attached to slimness, we often lay more stress on how to naturally lose weight fast rather than check the health aspect of diets. While evaluating any diet, it is necessary to first see whether it qualifies under healthy weight loss plans or not. And as is the rule with other diets, any diet that recommends extremes, promises miraculous results, and does not include exercise as part of the regimen is really a fad or crash diet.


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