Creative Hobbies Relieve Stress Better

By Tess Thompson

Stress in daily life is unavoidable, and although occasionally stress has its benefits, a prolonged state of mental stress can affect your overall health to a large extent. If you are constantly stressed, there is a strong possibility of developing psycho-physiological as well as psychological problems besides emotional distress.

There are multiple causes of stress. While certain information and events cause stress due to their inherent nature, most of the emotional stress is caused due to the way in which the individual processes information. Physical stress, however, is different and is usually the result of a bad posture and some underlying conditions.

Modern life is has become synonymous with emotional stress. However, that should be not be a reason for panic, as there are numerous ways to relieve stress. Stress relief is sometimes as easy as taking up a hobby. Hobbies are auxiliary activities that are not related to the work that you do for a living.

Monotony and wearisome constancy, routine and lack of variety in a person’s life have been an issue since ages. The age-old maxim that ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ was never as relevant as it is today… only ‘dull’ needs to be replaced with "stress".

Hobbies give pleasure, satisfaction and enhance self esteem; the three attributes that lack in a stressful person. While simple hobbies like reading and listening to music divert your mind from worries, creative hobbies give a sense of pride and help in overcoming worry as well.

There are no deadlines to meet, no rules or pressures. Hobbies are not linked to success. They merely involve doing something that you like. You are "free" and your own master as long as you are involved in your creative hobby. There is no one peeping over your shoulder to tell you how to do it right or to check your work. Your own satisfaction and pride at having created an object the way you want is sufficient to relieve stress.

Hobbies also open up new avenues for meeting like-minded people. If you normally socialize with your workplace colleagues, the level of conversation is liable to be work-related. This does not let you take your mind off from your work-related worries. Hobbies create an entirely new forum where you can find people who enjoy doing what you do. Discussing your ideas with them can lead to better confidence, while providing on outlet for your worries.

If stress is a problem, choose a creative hobby and ensure that you choose to do something that gives you pleasure. There is no need to be hesitant about choosing some art or craft, gardening or photography. Don’t feel restricted by what you ‘feel’ your skills are. Learning skills was never easier as it in now in this age of information technology, and you can always join a group or find other ways of enhancing your skills in the hobby that you are interested in.


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