Disadvantages of Antibiotic Medications

Tess Thompson

The present generation can by no means think of the times when antibiotics were not available to mankind. But there actually were times when humans were treated without the aid of antibiotics. The first antibiotic appeared on the scene in the 1930’s and was termed as a wonder drug - a panacea for all infectious diseases. Antibiotics acted quickly and destroyed bacteria very effectively.

As human beings went about destroying the environment in the race for advancement, newer strains of bacteria developed. New toxins that polluted the environment gave rise to new diseases that lead to further research and the development of new antibiotics. The process continues even now, and we create conditions for new diseases to occur and only later realize that we need to now search for their cures.

As life became fast paced, so did the need to get back to work as soon as possible. The antibiotic alternative gradually ceased to be the last resort for treatment. Actually it became the first resort for treating even the common cold. Initially there was no information on micro-organisms that were resistant to antibiotics and their side effects. As new information started pouring in, it was already too late - neither doctors nor patients had time to waste on slow acting herbal antibiotics.

In the present day scenario, it is difficult to avoid disease. Antibiotics, however, should always be used discriminately. Antibiotics may be indispensable in some cases, but they should not be used as long as they can be avoided safely. Antibiotics have some very undesirable properties, such as:

  1. They have side effects that can sometimes prove to be more difficult to manage than the ailment they are meant to cure.
  2. They destroy friendly bacteria along with disease-causing bacteria. The body needs friendly bacteria for a number of processes like detoxification, easy elimination of wastes and cleansing of the blood and the liver.
  3. Over-use of antibiotics lead to their becoming ineffective due to bacterial mutation. Simply stated, it means that certain bacteria get used to a particular antibiotic and start using it for their own benefit. Penicillin and tetracycline are classic examples of how antibiotics become redundant for killing some bacterium.

Frankly speaking, we have lost track of the meaning of true health. A truly healthy person is one whose immune system health is perfectly capable of handling attacks from viruses and bacteria. Have you ever wondered how a minor cut from shaving cures by itself? Or how the common cold mostly vanishes in seven days even when you do not treat it with antibiotics? It is the immune system that is at work, which activates on recognizing foreign substances and releases chemicals to destroy them.

Before antibiotics were discovered, silver and colloidal silver were used as regular treatments. The properties of silver are mentioned in ancient therapies like Ayurveda. It treats silver as a rejuvenating elixir. Homeopathy uses silver in its various forms to encourage vitality and promote immune system health. Herbs for immune system like pau d'arco and the time tested natural remedies can help in keeping antibiotics the last resort for treating ailments that cannot be handled naturally.


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