Eczema and Candida Remedies

By Tess Thompson

Out of the nearly 100 symptoms that Candida is capable of causing, the most common are skin ailments like eczema, psoriasis and acne. Candida infection must necessarily be considered as one of the causes on eruption of any skin problem.

Understanding how Candida makes deep roots in our bodies is not difficult. The two main causes of Candida are the intake of foods that help Candida to grow and a weak immune system. .

Candida is controlled by good bacteria as long as the good bacteria are able to control its growth adequately, Candida remains in the body in its benign form. Too much sugar, carbohydrates, commercial foods that contain additives and acidic foods tend to provide a healthy environment for Candida to proliferate, permeate through the intestinal walls and colonize within the rest of the body.

The immune system is capable of protecting the body from most of infections. Although painful, inflammation is the first defense that it uses. Along with inflammation, the offensive weapon of killing the foreign invader is launched and the infection cleared.

Candida is a deceiving microorganism and can trick the immune system by changing its outside receptors to render the physiological response of the immune system ineffective.

A weak immune system, besides being a cause is also affected by Candida. Research reveals that immune suppressive factors taken from Candida patients fail to develop immune responses under controlled laboratory conditions. When the Candida comes in contact with the skin, the first defense comes into play and the skin is inflamed. Due to the inability of the immune cells to effectively use its offense against the condition, the inflammation remains. The resultant itching is a painful sensation produced by the feeling that some thing is there to be removed.

The key to Candida treatment is to ensure that yeast does not grow beyond a certain limit in the body. Additionally strengthening the immune system also helps in the process. Eczema, psoriasis, and chronic rashes can be treated successfully with sustained yeast infection treatment. Dietary changes and medications, in that order, are the two main pillars of a complete Candida cure, that is, if you wish to prevent its occurrence. Even anti fungal drugs like Nystatin, which are normally very effective as Candida treatments fail to work without dietary control.

Diet would involve eating foods that are sugar free and devoid of synthetic additives and chemicals. This means that the more natural foods like fresh, repeat fresh, vegetables, meats, and fish you eat, the less chances of Candida developing. Limit your intake of processed foods and beverages. Sugar helps Candida to grow, so avoid it, and limit its consumption.

Conventional drugs can at the most kill yeast and clear the space but Candida is an obstinate organism and will recur again if you give it a slightest leeway to develop. Yoghurt contains friendly bacterium and garlic has natural anti-fungal properties. Both should be consumed on regular basis as an effective remedy for eczema as well as Candida.


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