Fat Flush Diet

Tess Thompson

Most diets like to arrange their diet plans in phases to give it a semblance of a methodical weight loss plan. The Fat Flush Diet is no exception. It has the ‘all too familiar’ three phases - restrictive, ongoing and maintenance albeit with different names. The three phases detailed in the Fat Flush Diet are - Two Week Fat Flush, Ongoing Fat Flush and Life Style Eating Plan.

The restrictive phase lasts for up to two weeks and allows only 1100 to 1200 calories. Margarine, alcohol, sugar, oils or fats (except flaxseed oil), grains, bread, cereal, starchy vegetables and dairy products are not allowed during this phase. Herbs and spices are also restricted and only a few are allowed.

The initial phase targets ‘flushing out’ fat with fluids. This means ingesting a fair amount of diluted and unsweetened cranberry juice. A daily water intake of one half of your weight in ounces is insisted upon. This translates into 100 ounces for a person weighing 200lbs. The diet has a detox component, which is mainly based on psyllium, a natural mild laxative, taken along with diluted cranberry juice.

After two weeks of aggressive fat flushing, the calorie intake is gradually increased to 1500 calories during the ongoing phase. This level of calorie intake persists till you attain the desired weight. During the maintenance phase the calorie intake is lifted to 1500 calories and above by adding some starchy carbohydrates, grains and some dairy.

If you do not consume calories you will naturally lose weight fast. The initial introductory phase or the Two Week Fat Flush phase compares well with some fasting routines advocated by naturopaths. The difference is that a fasting regime lays stress on only water or juice during the day and a frugal fat free vegetarian meal or fruits at the end of the day. Fasting or almost fasting for two weeks is not everyone’s cup of tea. The touch stone of any diet, however, is not how fast you lose weight but whether you can maintain it after losing it.

Healthy weight loss plans must necessarily take into account the nutritional and energy needs of the body. The fact that we don’t really want to reform our eating habits and lifestyles, allows numerous people the opportunity to package and sell weight loss ideas - new diets or old ones packaged and marketed well. The Fat Flush Diet appears to be one such attempt to sell an idea that is at its best a combination of a couple of other diets - a fasting diet for detox, a low fat diet with cranberry juice and low impact exercise added for good measure.


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