How to Improve Concentration and Be More Productive

Author: Bethany Pinto, Registered Yoga Teacher RYT 200®

Can anyone else relate to this? Sometimes I’ve got so much going on that I can’t figure out where to begin, nor do I stick with one thing. I’m usually starting and stopping projects depending on what’s urgent to jump in to distract me.

Having the ability to keep your focus and concentrate on a task is a tough feat at times! And it affects everyone, whether or not you’ve been officially diagnosed with Adult ADD. Many of us simply have too much on our plate, and when we’re constantly on the run or over-stimulated by electronic media, it distracts us from paying attention to what is right in front of us.

So how do I tackle my to do list and come out successful at the end of the day? Here are some tips on how to improve concentration and be more productive.

Meditate: It's no secret that meditation can help you feel calm and reduce stress levels. But did you know that a daily practice (even for a short 15-20 minutes) can improve your mind’s ability to concentrate for extended periods of time? It can even help you pay closer attention to little details. Try focusing on a special word or phrase, called a mantra. Repeat it over and over in your head or aloud while sitting in a quiet place. You can also stare at an object or image, like a flower, a candle flame or a beautiful picture.

Herbs: Ginko and ginseng are known for helping people store, hold and retrieve information. The most effective doses are 400mg of ginseng, 360mg of ginkgo, or 960mg of the two combined in one tablet. These two are especially useful for improved mental ability while performing on tests (even taken right away – no long term use required). Native Remedies makes a safe and effective herbal tonic to aid in concentration called Triple Complex Brain Tonic.

Brain Games: Humans are capable of creating new synapses – connections between neurons that send messages to the brain – on a daily basis. We can constantly learn new things and change any old habits that no longer serve us. So, that means we can retrain ourselves to achieve better focus and self-discipline. Grab a word find, start a puzzle or try Sudoku, learn to play poker or write in Chinese. Challenge your mind with something new. There are even websites now that offer brain stimulating games.

Journaling: When I have a lot on my mind, I find it very difficult to concentrate, so I make lists. Writing down all the things you worry about, or that need to get done, helps clear your head. Then you can focus on one thing at a time. This is also a great way to achieve long-term goals and dreams as you can write out and visualize exactly where you see yourself in the future!

Let’s face it, we’re never going to see the end of all the responsibilities we have in a day. Whenever possible, say no to additional projects and requests for your time. Quality is always more valuable than quantity.