Nutritional Concerns for Adults with ADHD

Author: Dr. Donna Schwontkowski (ret. D.C.), M.S. Nutrition, M.H.

If you’ve had ADHD since you were a child, you may feel resigned to the ‘fact’ that you have it for the rest of your life. However, did you know that you have the power to control the way your brain’s nerve cells work by using basic principles of natural healing, especially nutrition?

Your Brain is Constantly Changing

The primary concept to keep in mind to access this power is one called neuroplasticity. This means that the brain has the ability to adapt to demands and stimulation during a person’s entire life. By exercising your brain with some of the latest online brain training games, you can improve its global cognitive functions in a short period of time (see These types of games are ‘food’ for the neurons to grow.

Give the Body What It Needs and Expect the Brain to Respond

However, you still must take care of the basic physical health of the structure of the brain itself – the nerves and its synapses. By providing the foundational nutrients – protein, fat and carbohydrates – and vitamins and minerals, you support your brain for all its needs. 

Below are six guidelines on diet for maximum brainpower. Using them, you may surprise yourself about how well your brain really can work! Give them a trial of about a month and see what happens. The guidelines are similar to those recommended for children with ADHD.

Make boosting your brainpower a priority for 90 days and keep a journal of the changes along the way. You just may find that ADHD becomes a thing of your past.


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