Prostate massage treatment - a massager or let your partner do it

Tess Thompson

There have been some very interesting observations regarding of prostate enlargement, a natural process where the male gland grows in size and causes urinary problems. The incidence and severity of prostate enlargement is much lower in Brazil, especially in the regions where saw palmetto is grown. This led to an understanding that saw palmetto is one of the most effective herbs for inhibiting prostate enlargement.

Similarly, Asian men have a much lower rate of prostate enlargement and cancer than American men. There are a lot of reasons attributed to this peculiar situation. It is a fact that traditional and ancient therapies have used various herbs and concoctions to alleviate the symptoms caused by this male condition for years. There is a mention of prostate enlargement and inflammation in ancient Indian texts, the basis of traditional Indian therapy - Ayurveda. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has an effective therapy known as acupressure for treating numerous ailments including prostate problems. And in Japanese traditional families, wives often perform prostate massage to help their husbands to maintain prostate health.

That prostate enlargement and prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate) can be treated with a prostate massage is now catching the fancy of modern therapies. A prostate massage can deliver the benefits of acupressure and treat prostatitis. Acupressure is a technique through which pressure is applied to important meridians. According to TCM, disease is caused by blocking of vital energy force. Pressure on the meridian points releases this vital energy force.

A prostate massage is similar to the massage that takes affect during a Trans-Rectal Ultrasound. In this technique, the radiologist inserts a device in the rectum to take digital pictures of the prostate and in the process the gland is massaged. Your partner can give also you this massage. All it requires is a pair of sterile latex gloves and some water-based lubricants. The prostate, a small bulb tissue the size of a walnut, can be felt by inserting fingers about 3 cm into the anus. A gentle massage around its sides for some time should be enough. Care, however, has to taken not to press hard on the center of the gland as that is where the sensitive nerves are located.

A recent innovation is a prostate gland massager. It is a device that can be inserted in the anus on your own. Inside the rectum, the anal sphincter pushes it towards the prostate and the external arm of the massager pushes against the perineum.

A prostate massage is known to give some positive results in treatment of prostatits as a stand alone procedure or in conjunction with prostate medicines like antibiotics. Massage is a safer option than antibiotics, but experts are not sure how it works. It can be any number of things: may be it is acupressure at work, draining of trapped fluids or the massage of deep muscles near the bladder.


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