Resilience and Teen Emotional Wellness

By Tess Thompson

The glossy images in the media do not tell everything about teens - it appears as if they are having a great time and all is well with the world. However, the teenage years can cause a lot of stress-- not only from a perspective of self image and esteem, but also due to a bullying friend or parent, puberty, acceptance in social groups, and many other issues.

Life for young adults is a challenge, one that looms as large as those that affect adults and parents. The pre-teen and teenage years present some typical, hard-to-endure circumstances relevant to emotional wellness. Some of them may be adverse events that occurred, and some may only be figments of teenage imagination. Teens pay a lot of importance to maintaining their physical health due to societal pressures. But do they pay as much attention to their emotional health as well? Ups and downs in life are bound to occur, and the strong and resilient are those who are able to best face difficulties.

Emotional wellness comes from properly managing emotions. As an adult, it may be easier to cope with adversity in a less poignant manner, but it is extremely difficult for teens to cope with a powerful emotion --especially when they arise at important or difficult times.

Increased popularity of electronic media has made young adults more aware of their body image, making the changes of puberty to one's appearance even more complicated. Feeling uncomfortable with the way the change is occurring is fairly natural. It is important to understand that some changes are within one's power to control, while others may not. Comparison with a role model may not be the right thing to do if the comparison is not made in a positive way. Body image plays a major role in developing self esteem, but that is not the end of it. In the long-term, it is an optimistic attitude that helps in combating life's challenges and attaining happiness.

If you are stressed, put things in perspective and learn relaxation techniques. Change is the unavoidable law of nature, and you will realize that bad times come to an end eventually. Make friends, share your feelings, and discuss your problems with whomever you trust. Solitude helps, but only when you are meditating. Isolation that comes from giving up is a negative approach and can lead to depression.

Feelings and emotions are natural human reactions, but they can lead to disastrous consequences in teens if they are not well prepared to handle them. Resilience is as important as a positive mental attitude for managing emotions.


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