What are the Side Effects of Thyroid Medicine

Tess Thompson

Thyroid is a small, pear-shaped endocrinal gland that secretes hormones. These hormones maintain the heart rate, body temperature and energy levels. They also tend to lower the level of calcium in blood plasma. A healthy thyroid is not palpable. It can be felt only when it is swollen due to iodine deficiency.

Diseases associated with thyroid dysfunction can be generally classified as the following:

  • Hypothyroidism - under-active thyroid
  • Hyperthyroidism - over-active thyroid
  • Anatomical problems - Goiter
  • Tumors - cancer and adenoma

Conventional thyroid medications that treat thyroid dysfunction involve synthetic hormones, radioactive iodine treatment, surgical incisions and other symptomatic treatments. Like all conventional drugs, these treatment options have serious side effects that require regular monitoring and control.

Some of the treatments used in conventional medicine can create major side effects. Radiation that was once considered effective in treating acne, inflammation and infection of the tonsils, thymus and lymph nodes had to be discontinued due to its side effects. In fact, it was proven that the treatment caused dangerous side effects like thyroid cancer.

Most of the side effects that are induced due to conventional medicine are serious in nature and can sometimes be a grave indication. The symptoms of thyroid dysfunction on their own are very mundane and mimic quite a lot of other diseases. The side effects of thyroid medications, however, are more serious. Therefore it is essential that you are completely sure that your symptoms are due to a thyroid dysfunction before any thyroid treatment is started. Although a laboratory check up is mandatory, these are the common symptoms of thyroid malfunction:

  • Chest pain
  • An uneasy psychological state of anxiety or depression
  • Tachycardia (abnormally rapid heart beat)
  • Insomnia and sleep disorders
  • Nausea, headache, fever or sweating
  • Inability to tolerate heat
  • Irregular menstrual period
  • Increased appetite or abnormal weight loss
  • Diarrhea and abdominal pain

The list is long. Many people experience side effects that border on emergency and require immediate medical attention. For example, if you experience an allergic reaction that manifests in a blockage of the throat, you may experience symptoms like difficulty in breathing, itching, or swelling of lips, tongue or face.

Natural thyroid medication is a viable option for managing side effects of conventional thyroid medication. Alternative thyroid treatments like acupuncture, yoga, and ancient therapies like traditional Chinese medicine and ayurveda are all options that you can try. Alternative therapies are natural, devoid of side effects and if used properly under professional guidance, improve lifestyles, boost energy levels and strengthen the immune system of the body to fight disease effectively.


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