Staying Motivated is the Key...

Native Remedies

Exercise is one of the main contributing aspects to overall health and the easiest way to release feel-good chemicals in your brain. It is something every family member can benefit from. Incorporating exercise into your daily routine is a great way to relieve stress and help restore balance in the body and mind.

Here are some tips to help you stick to some form of physical activity.

  • Start small. When suffering form anxiety and depression, even the simplest task can seem insurmountable. Just get moving! A daily walk through your neighborhood whenever you have a few minutes to spare can work wonders. Vary your route to keep it interesting.
  • Find a partner. It's harder to stick to a routine if you go at it alone; this is especially true if you suffer from depression. Exercise can be much more interesting if you find a partner to support you. Even better, try to involve the whole family.
  • Use a headset. Listen to lively music, a relaxation CD, or a book on tape. Use lively songs to energize your workout. Use relaxing music while you cool down.
  • Enroll in a class. Many community fitness centers and hospitals offer reasonably priced classes. Choose one that fits your interests, schedule and budget.
  • Get creative. As long as your doctor approves, consider hiking, rowing or dancing. These engage the body and mind in ways that can considerably improve your mood.