Stress Rash

By Tess Thompson

Stress affects your overall health in many ways. While the mechanisms of some of them are understood, there are many adverse health affects of stress that are beyond explanation. Stress rash is one of those conditions that seems to defy plausible explanation, in many cases.

Most stress rash patients are surprised when their physicians ask them about their mental state. This is primarily so because not many people associate a skin rash with mental tension, stress or worries. Stress rashes, as one of the stress symptoms, is not that common, but there are some people who are prone to a stress rash even when they are undergoing mild to moderate stress.

Stress rash appear as hives (itchy skin eruptions) or wells in the skin. The exact mechanism of how this happens is not exactly known. It is suggested that the hives or wells are formed due to a drop in immunity levels. Histamine that is released by the human immune system during allergic reactions is perceived to be the root cause of this reaction. Experts believe that this histamine causes vessel dilation, itching and stress rash.

Stress is also responsible for worsening skin problems that are already present. It is often seen that people who experience constant stress have dry and sensitive skin. This is probably caused by excessive sweating during stressful situations, which disturbs the pH balance of the skin. The vicious cycle of cause and effect then begins, wherein a worsening appearance by itself leads to further stress, which further aggravates the existing skin condition.

If you are one of those who frequently develops stress rash, the best way to prevent it is by avoiding stress. You can manage stress by adopting any one or more techniques for managing stress like exercise, meditation, yoga, and trying to see situations objectively. One of the best ways to relieve stress is to accept that things cannot possibly always be favorable, and try to treat stressful situations as challenges that need to be overcome.

More common causes of a skin rash are allergic reactions caused by environment and food intake. Since the symptom of a rash in itself is not enough evidence of the root cause of the problem, a physician should always be consulted.


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