Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet – How does it Compare with a Non-Vegetarian Diet

Tess Thompson

There has always been a strong debate between vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The point of debate is not always whether it is proper for humans to kill living beings at such a large scale but also about the various benefits that a vegetarian diet can provide.

A vegetarian diet has a slight advantage over a meat diet in as much as it is less likely to add to your weight. There are reports that indicate that despite vegetarians eating more food, they consume almost 500 calories less than meat eaters. This amounts to a lesser consumption of 3500 calories in a week, translating into a weight loss of approximately one pound. The reason why a vegetarian diet means lower calories is because vegetables are made of complex carbohydrates, which are starchy, high in fiber content and low in fat.

To be fair, it must be considered whether the elimination of meat by itself helps you to lose weight or not. It is a fact that a higher incidence of obesity is seen in meat eaters. However, this does not suggest that a vegetarian who is relying more on meatless fried foods, unhealthy fats, chips, cookies and pizzas is likely to benefit from a vegetarian diet.

If you want to loose weight naturally you have to choose and plan your diet. If you are too busy to plan a meal and subsist on commercial readymade foods, neither vegetarian nor a non-vegetarian diet is likely to help you to lose weight.

Planning a diet is necessary and so is home cooked food. Plan your meals in a way that they include a variety of fruits, vegetables and grains. If you are a compulsive meat eater, restrict your consumption to healthy white meat and fish. An occasional meal of red meat is not going to make any big difference to your weight. Moderation is the name of the game if you are conscious of your weight.

How you prepare your meals is also important. Here again, plan your meals on a weekly basis and ensure that you have days when meals include boiled, sautéed or steamed dishes.

The increasing obesity rates have led to a flurry of activity among researchers and there seems to be an emergency call to discover a perfect natural weight loss program. The field is open to all and there is no dearth of flamboyant deceivers who are out to trick gullible customers. Before you take up any diet or weight loss supplement it would do you good to check up some serious research on the ingredients of supplements or the foods allowed or disallowed in a particular diet plan.


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