3 Ways Yoga Can Lower Blood Pressure

Author: Bethany Pinto, Registered Yoga Teacher RYT 200®

High blood pressure affects a large number of Americans and can be caused by factors such as heredity, being overweight, and living an overstressed, sedentary lifestyle, to name just a few. Many people develop hypertension early in life, sometimes even in childhood, and therefore believe they are sentenced to a lifetime of pharmaceutical intervention. 

While medication can help to control your blood pressure, most healthcare providers prescribe this solution with the advice to also make some lifestyle changes. The ideal goal is to be able to lower your pressure and bring your body back into balance naturally. If your doctor has recommended that you incorporate exercise and other stress reducing activities into your daily regimen, allow me to share three ways that yoga can serve you.

While you certainly don’t have to reject your blood pressure medication altogether, please consider your holistic options and begin to heal yourself over the long run.

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