What is Your Sleep Personality?

Author: Christin Sander, Health Writer

Is there a relationship between your personality and the position you sleep in? Some studies have suggested that sleep positions can lend insight into the personality. A study by British sleep expert Professor Chris Itzikawski surveyed 1,000 people about their preferred sleep positions. They were asked to check boxes that identified personality characteristics they felt most accurately described them. Data analysis found correlations between various sleep positions and certain psychological characteristics.

According to the survey, there are six sleep positions: fetal, log, yearner, soldier, freefaller and starfish.

Fetal position sleepers lie curled up on one side. This is the most common sleep position with more than 40% of responders preferring it.  Fetal sleepers are said to be anxious by nature and have a tendency to over think things. The act of sleeping in this position is an attempt to return to a comfort zone. Fetal sleepers are reported to be easy-going, orderly, and conscientious. They should take care not to become too stuck in comfort zones and learn to embrace changes more. Fetal sleepers may appear shy, but warm up quickly once they get to know someone.

Log position refers to those who sleep on their side stretched out in a straight line. The head, neck, arms, legs and body are all extended fully.  People who prefer this sleep position are said to be rigid thinkers, stubborn and often inflexible. Log sleepers can be controlling and are prone to tension. They benefit from activities that help them relieve stress prior to bedtime like meditation or yoga. Log sleepers often wake up feeling tense even after a good night's sleep.

The yearner position refers to those who lie on their side with both arms out in front of the body. This is said to be the sleep position of dreamers who have lofty goals. Yearner personalities are open-minded in general, but tend to be very self-critical. Yearners embrace change and challenges and actively seek new opportunities. They tend to be perfectionists which can sometimes cause them to give up quickly when things don't go their way. This position symbolizes reaching out to grab one's desires.

The soldier sleeper describes someone who lies on his back with arms down and held close to the body. People who prefer this sleep position are usually introverted and reserved, and have a tendency towards perfectionism. They hold themselves and others to high standards. Soldier sleepers are quiet and simple people. They are more prone to snoring and restless sleep due to their sleep position.

Freefall position refers to those who sleep on their stomachs holding on to their pillow as though they are literally falling out of the sky. People who sleep in this position are said to feel a lack of control in life. They are often outgoing, but also tend to be sensitive and don't take criticism well. People who prefer this sleep position are sometimes seen as being more impulsive than others.

The final and least common sleep position is the starfish position. In this position, the individual lies on their back, legs spread, with the hands up by the face or on the pillow. Starfish people are said to be good friends who listen well and go out of their way to help others. Like soldier sleepers, starfish sleepers are more prone to snoring and restless sleep.

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