Yoga, Exercise and Thyroid Function

Tess Thompson

The thyroid is located on the front side of the neck and lies against and around the larynx (voice box) and trachea (windpipe). It is covered by two layers (internal and external) of a fibrous sheath.

As organs go, the thyroid is small, but compared to other endocrine glands, it rates as one of the larger glands. Big or small, all body organs have a role to play and are postulated for specific purposes. Proper functioning of every organ is crucial for your overall health. Thyroid dysfunction can particularly affect the speed at which your body burns energy and makes proteins. Its hormones also influence the body’s sensitivity to other hormones.

There are many ways by which you can maintain your thyroid health so as to avoid using medication for restoring thyroid dysfunction. For example, nutrition for various thyroid conditions, herbs for thyroid and other alternative therapies like homeopathic remedies are some ways in which you can ensure good thyroid health. Yoga and exercise are other ways to improve thyroid functioning.

Bodily organs are intricately related to each other, and a problem in one can have a domino effect, leading to problems with other associated organs as well. A fit and healthy body ensures that all organs function the way they are meant to.

The various organs in the body require oxygen that is supplied by oxygen-laden blood cells. Mild exercises like swimming, walking, jogging and aerobics improve blood circulation by increasing heart function and supply blood to the farthest corners of the body.

Yoga has recently caught the fancy of the Western world, and is being used by many simply for its ability to treat many physiological ailments, including thyroid problems. Yoga is actually a traditional physical and mental discipline that originated in India and is mentioned in many other cultures, also. Besides its spiritual connotations, the main goal of Yoga is to improve overall physical as well as mental health. The discipline is not limited to yogic postures only. The therapy includes breathing exercises, meditation and a host of other processes like dietary discipline, positive thinking and affirmations.

The thyroid, located as it is near the windpipe, can greatly benefits from breathing exercises that promote oxygen supply. There are also specific yogic postures like the simhaasana (lion posture), the shavasana (lying down like a corpse) and sarvangaasana (all organ posture) that are meant to benefit and promote a healthy thyroid.

Exercise and yoga may not actually cure an existing thyroid problem, but if you follow a regular regimen of exercise and yoga, there is a strong possibility that you may not have to worry about thyroid dysfunction.

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