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As the systems of the body are interrelated, proper functioning and health occurs when they are in balance and harmony, so it is important to consider taking a holistic approach to caring for the body.

Provided that they are manufactured in the correct way, natural medicines can work quickly and safely to create holistic balance in the body. Herbal supplements can support systemic health and homeopathic remedies can be used to relieve symptoms.

Most natural remedies do not produce negative side effects, and unlike conventional medicine, natural remedies do not just mask symptoms, they get to the root of the problem to support health and well-being. Most homeopathic remedies are even safe for people of all ages and have no known drug interactions.

Applying the Dual Modality Approach

As we know that natural medicine works best in combination (herbal, homeopathic, flower essences and tissue salts), Native Remedies promotes a dual modality approach to provide fast-acting symptomatic relief and improve body function for long-term health.

While each of our natural remedies works well on its own to relieve a particular symptom or address a specific body function, a combination approach provides a complete, safe and highly effective solution to combat physical, emotional or psychological health problem(s) and restore balance in the body.

  • Homeopathic remedies relieve the acute symptoms of a condition and stimulate the body to begin the healing process.

  • Herbal remedies work on the cause of the problem by improving systemic functioning and supporting the organ, body system or individual as a whole.

  • Tissue salts, which are also homeopathic, bring about harmony in the body as a whole by restoring balance.

  • Flower essences address both emotional and mental aspects of wellness and work to re-balance energy to return order to chaos.

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