Support systemic health of the urinary tract and improve vision with the natural benefits of bilberry.

English Name: Bilberry

Latin Name: Vaccinium myrtilis

Type: Herbal

What is Bilberry?

Bilberry refers to several species of low-growing shrubs which bear edible berries and look very similar to blueberries.

The bilberry has excellent antioxidant properties due to high levels of anthocyanosides, and is recognized as a good source of flavonoids.

Medicinal Uses of Bilberry

Bilberries have a long history of medicinal use and are known to promote urinary tract health, support systemic balance in the urinary system and aid most urinary conditions.
Bilberries can also combat diarrhea due to their antiseptic properties.

In addition, bilberries also help to tone up small blood vessels in the body; particularly the blood vessels in the eye, helping to naturally improve vision and eye health.

Photos of Bilberry

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