German chamomile

Naturally treat sleeping disorders and relieve anxiety, nervousness, and fatigue with german chamomile.

English Name: German chamomile

Latin Name: Matricaria recutita

Type: Herbal

What is German chamomile?

German chamomile has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years and is one of the most commonly known and used herbs. It is found throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia and often grows near roads, landfills and fields.

German chamomile is an effective remedy for a wide range of ailments and is popular in part because it is safe for babies, children, and adults. Chamomile can be used in baths, ointments and creams, but its most common use is through ingestion, usually through tea.

Medicinal Uses of German chamomile

German chamomile was traditionally used to help relieve a variety of symptoms occurring from occasional simple nervousness, including sleep disorders, anxiety and gastrointestinal problems. This herb helps to gently soothe and lessen frustration caused by common every day overwork and fatigue.

Chamomile is known for its calming effect and is therefore successful in treating skin infections (including eczema), menstrual cramps, wounds, colic, teething pains, and diaper rash. Active ingredients include volatile oil, flavonoids, valerianic acid, coumarins, tannins, salicylates and cyanogenic glycosides.

Photos of German chamomile

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