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Meet Adrienne.

Description: AdrienneLuntzsizedAdrienne Luntz, co-founder, is a long-time advocate and supporter of natural approaches for children with learning disabilities, with a long track record of business and marketing success.

She was born in South Africa and came to the USA with her husband George and their three children. As an active participant in support of organizations for children with learning disabilities, such as CHADD, Adrienne has been a vocal advocate for normalizing the lives of children with ADD and ADHD without the use of pharmaceutical drugs, promoting behavioral and natural approaches as an alternative.

Adrienne is also co-founder of NaturalEco Organics, a company dedicated to providing mothers and babies access to informational resources and organic home and health products, and led the marketing and promotional departments for two prior start-ups – Allegiant Legacy Solutions and Channel ReSource Inc.

Adrienne lives in Delray Beach, FL with her husband, George. Adrienne’s hobbies include designing and decorating, exercising, golf and tennis.


What is Adrienne’s favorite product?

"My hands down favorite remedies are BrightSpark™ and Focus Formula™- the two products that address problems in children with concentration, focus and hyperactivity.  Finding something natural that really works to help children without drugging them was a huge motivating factor for me in starting Native Remedies. 

It is a constant joy to read all the success stories from parents about the wonderful results that their children are having with our remedies. There is nothing more heartwarming to me than hearing that our products have helped prevent one more child from suffering the side effects of psychiatric drugs."

Meet George.

Description: GeorgeLuntzsizedGeorge Luntz, co-founder, is a seasoned business professional with a successful background in technology-based corporate start-ups, marketing and business development.  Born in South Africa, George came to the USA with his family in 1986, settling initially in Los Angeles. After joining a leading independent software company as marketing manager, he rose to president/CEO, followed by similar positions at other technology companies, including the position of co-founder and CEO of Allegiant Legacy Solutions, a software transformation company which was subsequently acquired.

After leading Internet start-up Clerity, Inc. through two rounds of venture funding, George, along with Dean and Adrienne, co-founded Native Remedies and NaturalEco Organics. Today his passion is helping families adopt a holistic approach to complete wellness for both themselves and their pets, combining all treatment modalities and a healthy lifestyle. George’s hobbies include golf, tennis, working out and music.

What is George’s favorite product?

"I have spent pretty much most of my adult life living with lower back and hip pain when sitting or lying for long period of time.  There was hardly a night where I was not tossing and turning to get comfortable as pain shot through my lower back and down my leg.  And when I drove for more than 20 minutes, that same pain would radiate down my leg.  After consulting with doctors, who said my spine curvature was probably to blame, that it is not worth operating on (I concur wholeheartedly) and that I could try various exercises (which I did), I just settled into living with it.  

I started taking JointEase Plus™ a year or so ago, primarily because I am a baby-boomer and have reached that age where we need to think more realistically about our health as senior citizens! I wanted to be sure that as I aged I kept my joints and cartilage healthy. Some 6-8 weeks later, I noticed that I was not suffering from the usual pain that radiates down my leg at night. While that was not the reason I began taking JointEase Plus, I realized that a major benefit had been the realized – and one year later, nothing has changed; I am pain free when sleeping and driving, and that was clearly the result of my using JointEase Plus. Believe me, being free from constant back pain is something I cherish!"

For more information, please visit George's Linkedin profile

Meet Dean.

Description: DeanLuntzsizedDean Luntz, co-founder, is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for natural and organic lifestyles. Born in South Africa, he moved to the United States at a young age and after completing his schooling, began a successful business career in consumer goods, technology and internet marketing.

He was co-founder of Clerity, Inc., a VC-funded internet technology company, following that as co-founder of Native Remedies and NaturalEco Organics, a company dedicated to providing mothers and babies access to information and organic home and health products.

Dean has a 3-year-old son and lives in Delray Beach, FL. His hobbies include golf, tennis, yoga and working out and his mission is to be an advocate for the benefits of a holistic approach to health, including traditional and alternative modalities.

What is Dean’s favorite product?

"I have many products that I use that I love but I must say that my all time favorite product is Serenite-LT™. I go through phases where I do not sleep well, taking a while to fall asleep and waking a few times through the night. I did not enjoy taking prescription sleeping medications as I found that my body became dependent within 2-3 days and I struggled to fall asleep without them. I started taking Serenite-LT and within a week I was falling asleep without a problem and waking less. I felt no side effects in the morning as far as grogginess I was well rested!

I remained consistent with my dosage over a six month period and decided to stop taking Serenite-LT and see if my sleep patterns had adjusted and whether or not I needed Serenite-LT. I was very happy to find that I had no withdrawal symptoms and my sleep patterns continued to be the same once stopping. What a pleasure, a natural sleep solution that works; however, it is not an overnight solution, Serenite-LT needs to be taken consistently for a few weeks to take effect."

For more information, please visit Dean's Linkedin profile

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