Horse Panic

How to help comfort a panic stricken horse and natural calming supplements to relax spooky horses.

    natural calming supplements to relax panic stricken and spooky horses

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    What is Horse Panic?

    Horses experience episodes of panic just like humans do. When a horse is scared, anxious or stressed, he may feel panicked. Very often, a panicked horse will run away. It is also important to keep in mind that when a horse is panicked, he is incredibly strong and may also be dangerous to ride.

    What Causes Horse Panic?

    Feelings of panic may occur as a result of sudden, abrupt movements, loud noises such as a gun shot or fire crackers, abuse, neglect or injury.

    Help for Horse Panic

    Calming a horse by speaking softly and gently to calm and soothe him is the best approach. Use a lead rope or halter to capture the horse. If the animal was tied to a pole or post before running away, he may have dragged the object with him and you would therefore need to disentangle it from him.

    Most times, the horse will continue running in order to get the object away, but in the process may also injure himself— which in turn will only make him panic more. Enlisting the help of a number of people to form a chain around the horse is often the easiest way to capture the horse.

    Natural Remedies

    Natural remedies have a long history of calming and soothing animals that are fearful, panicky, and anxious or spook easily. Homeopathic remedies are a gentle alternative to conventional medications and safe to use for horse breeds of all ages. Carefully selected ingredients such as Chamomilla, Kali phos, Cina, phosphorus and Asarum supports and maintains nervous system functioning while also calming fearful horses.

    More Information on Horse Panic

    Tips to overcome panic in horses

    There are certain things that horse owners can do to promote equine comfort and reduce panic in horses:

    • Introduce your horse to new environments, people, and sounds from a young age
    • Be calm and confident and let your horse know that you are in charge – when your horse senses your confidence, he too will become confident
    • Speak tenderly to a horse that is panicked and anxious to soothe and calm him
    • Avoid making any sudden movements when approaching a panicked horse
    • Raise your palms to show the horse that you are not going to hurt him
    • Entice with tidbits such as slices of apple, carrots or sugar cubes to gain his trust


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