Natural remedies for calming scared cats and dogs to help overcome their fears and aggression.

    natural remedies to help overcome the fears of scared cats and dogs.

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    What is a Fearful Pet?

    Some pets are by nature more anxious and fearful than others. They are easily startled, tend to be afraid of new or unfamiliar situations and settings and may even be quite shy in temperament.

    What Causes Fear in Pets?

    Certain situations or traumatic experiences can make even the calmest of pets fearful and anxious. Most pets are sensitive to loud noises and cats in particular are very sensitive to new or changing surroundings. Fireworks, thunderstorms, a trip to the vet, small children and moving are all examples of things that can make your pet scared and unsettled.

    Pets can also develop phobias to certain triggers and may respond with panic at simply seeing or hearing the object of their phobia. It’s important to remember that your reactions to fearful stimuli and your pets fear response greatly affect your pet. For example, if you fuss over them when they are irrationally scared of something, you are inadvertently rewarding the behavior and suggesting to them that there was something to fear in the first place.

    Pets can also pick up on human fear and stress and so it is not uncommon for pets to become anxious if their owners are constantly under stress. Other factors that contribute to anxiety and fearfulness in pets include amount of time left at home alone, poor unbalanced diets and a lack of exercise.

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    Help for Fearful

    Natural remedies

    The best way to deal with a fearful pet is to remain calm and try not to fuss over your pet too much. This may be difficult, but luckily there are a few natural herbal and homeopathic ingredients that can help. Certain natural ingredients have a long history of use for their anxiety-reducing and calming properties. Passiflora incarnata for example has excellent calming and anti-anxiety effects and is often used to treat anxiety, shock and tension.

    Scullcap is also well known for its soothing and relaxing qualities and has been used as a natural way to treat a number of anxiety disorders. The biochemic tissue salt Kali. Phos. helps to relax those with nervous dispositions or those sensitive to change or stress, while Arg. nit. is an excellent remedy for fear and phobias and is often used to reduce the digestive discomfort and nausea often associated with stress and fear.

    More Information on Fearful

    Tips for calming a fearful pet
    • As previously mentioned, the best thing to do to help your pet is to remain calm yourself. This will help your dog or cat realize that there is nothing to be afraid of in the first place.
    • While it is a natural response to comfort and cuddle your pet when they are scared, all the extra attention may be rewarding the fearful behavior. Try not to fuss over your pet when they are scared, and rather lavish them with attention when they return to their normal behavior, or when they don’t react with fear to a fear-triggering event.
    • When loud noise such as fireworks or thunderstorms are the trigger, you can help your pet by providing them with a warm and cozy place to sleep that’s near to you so they can be reassured by your calmness. Also try turning the T.V or radio volume up to help mask the noise.
    • Be consistent in your response so that your pet knows what to expect. Tell the whole family how to manage the situation so that your pet is met with the same reaction and there is no room for confusion or insecurity.
    • Try to socialize and desensitize your pet from a young age so that they get used to other animals, children, car trips and loud noises. If you notice your pet has a fear or phobia, then tackle it as soon as possible before it becomes a problem.
    • Make sure your pet has adequate exercise and bonding time with the family. This will help reduce over-all anxiety and promote a healthy confidence in your pet.



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