Travel Anxiety

Natural remedies for travel anxiety in pets to help calm cats and dogs scared of traveling.

    travel anxiety remedies to help calm cats and dogs scared of traveling

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    What is Travel Anxiety?

    Not all pets enjoy the prospect of traveling in a moving vehicle. While some pets often become excited of riding in a car with you, others absolutely hate the idea. All too often it may be necessary to take your dog or cat with you – this could be for a visit to the vet, or if you are going away on vacation.

    They may be afraid, nervous, hyperactive or anxious, and as a result vomit, drool, pant, urinate or defecate due to the stress they experience when traveling. This type of behavior can make traveling unpleasant for you and your pet.

    What Causes Travel Anxiety?

    Travel anxiety in pets often occurs because of a bad experience such as an accident or being left in a hot a car, or having never been exposed to car travel. Some dogs and cats may also not like being confined or the feelings of movement.

    Help for Travel Anxiety

    Because travel anxiety can be so distressing for your pet, it is necessary to make traveling more bearable and stress-free for them. Taking them on car rides from an early age will help them to quickly become accustomed to traveling in a moving vehicle.

    If your pet has as an overwhelming fear of traveling in a car, hold him in a stationery vehicle with all the doors open and stroke him gently. Coaxing him with his favorite treats to enter the car may also help, as well playing or feeding him near to the car. Your vet may also recommend anti-anxiety medication to ease travel anxiety symptoms.

    Natural Remedies

    Herbal and homeopathic remedies have shown to highly effective in supporting the digestive and nervous system during car trips or traveling by train or air. Carefully selected herbs such as Zingiber officinalis (Ginger) and Mentha piperita (Mint) helps to support digestive system health and balance.

    Homeopathic ingredients such as Kalium phosphate, Aconite, Cocculus, and Pulsatilla vulgaris soothes the stomach and nervous system, and also facilitates a comfortable traveling experience.

    More Information on Travel Anxiety

    Tips to Prevent Travel Anxiety in Pets

    There a number of ways to prevent travel anxiety in pets, and these include:

    • Introduce your pet to traveling in the car from an early age, thereby encouraging a positive experience and helping him to become accustomed to the car
    • Secure your pet in a crate or make sure that he is fitted with a seat belt at the back of the car
    • If your pet is anxious about getting into the car, play or feed him near to the car but keep the doors open
    • Lure your pet into the car with his favorite treats
    • Avoid feeding your pet for a few hours before traveling in a moving vehicle
    • Ensure that your car is always well ventilated and never leave your pet in a car during warm weather
    • Take newspapers or a waterproof blanket to place on the backseat of your car to prevent soiling
    • Give your pet special treats, take along his favourite toy or blanket to help him feel more secure when traveling
    • If you intend going on a long journey, remember to make regular stops so that your pet can stretch his legs and drink water


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