Horse Charging

How to stop horses from charging and calming supplements to relax aggressive or spooky behavior.

    calming supplements to stop aggressive or spooky horses from charging

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    What is Horse Charging?

    Horses will usually charge, gallop or run towards you if frightened, panicked, excited or spooked. Although it may seem as though their intention is to trample, they usually run past you.

    If a charging horse approaches, wave your hands in the air and shout to scare him off, or run in the opposite direction. However, a charging or angry horse that is panicked or spooked can be potentially dangerous, and may kick you with his hind legs if you are in the way.

    Train your horse from an early age by introducing him to new experiences and environments. Teach him to be comfortable with you and learn to know what things might spook him or cause him to panic.

    What Causes Horse Charging?

    Causes of horse charging can range from firecrackers, a dog barking, a car driving by to a bird flying over his head. All these things can cause your horse to charge off in a flurry with you on his back. Know his body language and watch out for warning signs such as pricked ears or tense muscles.

    It is also important that you are confident and calm when riding and handling your horse because he will feed off your emotions. Speak to your vet if the problem persists, as he may be able to prescribe medications to calm him.

    Help for Horse Charging

    Natural Remedies

    Natural remedies have also proven to be beneficial in calming and relaxing animals that are fearful, panicky, anxious, excited or that spook easily. Homeopathic remedies and supplements are safe and gentle to use for horses and have positive effect on overall health and wellbeing. Carefully selected ingredients such as Chamomilla, Kali phos, Cina, phosphorus and Asarum supports and maintains nervous system functioning while also calming fearful horses.

    More Information on Horse Charging

    Tips to prevent horse charging

    There are various precautions that horse owners can take to prevent their horse from running away and charging innocent by-standers:

    • Introduce your horse to new environments, people, and sounds from a young age
    • Make sure that the barn, stable or paddock is tightly secured so that your horse cannot run away
    • Wave your hands in the air, yell or jump out of the way if a charging horse approaches you
    • Speak tenderly to a horse that has run away in panic to soothe and calm him
    • Once the horse has stopped running or charging, avoid making any sudden movements when approaching him