Alternative Cancer Treatments in Cats

Tess Thompson

It can be very painful for pet owners to see their companion cat suffer from cancer, as well as the side effects of conventional cancer therapy. A concerted awareness campaign is being conducted to highlight the serious side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Like any other disease, cancer does not develop without a cause. Although medical science knows very little about what exactly causes cancer, it is suspected that various environmental, dietetic and vaccine-related factors cause cancer in pets. There are even certain drugs used for treating autoimmune diseases in cats that are metabolized by the liver into carcinogenic substances.

The three main conventional treatment options available to cat owners are chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. The first two are known for their far-reaching side effects, and some people go to the extent of terming them as ‘poison’. As far as surgery is concerned, it may not be an option in many instances. Cancer is not easy to detect in its early stages, and by the time it is diagnosed, it is usually too late to implement the surgical option.

The holistic approach, on the other hand, subscribes to the theory that conventional drugs tend to only suppress symptoms without addressing the underlying cause, which in most cases is a weak immune system. Alternative medicine emphasizes that healing must come from within. The holistic approach is to treat the whole animal and not just the cancer itself. Alternative cat cancer remedies recharge the internal healing force and stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities.

A ten year study on 900 cats indicated that a natural diet for cats can keep cats healthy, and also helps in producing healthy kittens. A set of cats was fed only milk and raw meat, while another set was fed cooked food. The cats fed with cooked food started developing allergies and other health problems, and their second generation was unable to produce kittens. If only feeding cooked food can make such a drastic difference to cat health, then it can only be imagined what commercial diets with preservative and additives would do.

Cancer has now become the number one killer disease of our pets. What is needed is to understand the internal environment that cancer thrives on. Corrective measures should then be taken to eliminate the favorable environment so that environmental and dietetic carcinogens do not survive in the body for long. Herbs, homeopathic cancer treatment for dogs and cats and other alternative therapies have a holistic approach to disease and insist upon a natural diet. The main reason behind this is that every species has a typical body constitution which requires a specific diet that is best suited to them. Feeding our pets what is convenient for us only adds to their vulnerability.

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