Canine Health Problem

By Tess Thompson

Pets, especially dogs, occupy a special place in the hearts of their owners. Like that of any other family member, the dog’s health is your responsibility. Whereas common ailments like ticks, skin problems, anal blockages, can easily be handled with the aid of Homeopathic medicine for your pets, Cat Herbal Remedies, and Dog Herbal Remedies some of the canine health problems are serious in nature but can be avoided by regular checkups by a veterinarian who will advise you of the prevention and cures for these.

One of the major threats in canine health is a heart disease that can be acquired or congenital in nature. Heart disease in dogs occurs mainly when normal blood flow is restricted when the dog’s heart valves do not close properly or the muscular walls of the dog’s heart are thinned and weakened. Difficult breathing even while at rest, fainting, a loathing for exercise, loss of appetite, and weight loss are indicative of an impending heart failure.

The heartworm disease is caused by mosquito bites. Heartworm disease is not breed specific and can attack any dog even if the dog is mainly indoors most of the times, because the female mosquito responsible for transmission of heartworm is very tiny and can slip through cracks in windows and doors. If not treated in time, heartworm disease can be fatal at times.
Heartworm disease has the potential of spreading as lots of people travel with their dogs. Many states insist upon a health certificate from a qualified veterinarian. On return, dog owners should get their pet reexamined to ensure that it did not pick any parasite, external or internal, while traveling. Heartworm, hookworm, and roundworm are internal parasites whereas fleas and ticks are external.

The greatest single threat to dog population the world over is from the highly contagious disease caused by canine distemper virus. Puppies and younger dogs are at a higher risk on contracting the canine distemper virus. Although dogs that survive a natural infection develop enough immunity to canine distemper virus, the safest protection is vaccination.

Canine Parvovirus, Canine Bordetellosis (Kennel Cough), Canine Parainfluenza, and Canine Leptospirosis are some of the other problems that are caused by viral or bacterial infections, spread through contact, through fecal waste and nasal secretions of infested dogs, and other means.

All the conditions discussed above are serious in nature and can prove to be fatal in case they are not attended to in time. If abnormal symptoms, like loss of appetite, unwillingness to exercise, difficulty in breathing even while at rest, fainting, extensive coughing, vomiting, squinting, congestion of the eyes, and a discharge of pus from the eyes and diarrhea persist, a visit to the veterinarian is highly recommended.