When do Chihuahua Puppies’ Ears Stand Up - Is it normal?

By Tess Thompson

As the oldest dog breed in America, the Chihuahua is also the smallest of all breeds. Descendents of a much stronger breed, the Chihuahua now has a sleek and muscular body. Listed are some of the major characteristics of the Chihuahua breed:

  • The coat may be long or smooth. The two different coats have different qualities.
  • The color can be solid or streaked with one or two colors.
  • The breed is energetic and graceful with expressions that match those of humans.
  • They are devoted and loyal to the owner, as most dogs are.
  • They have the longest life span as compared to any other breed.
  • They need a lot of patience for training.
  • The delicate neck and weak bones require special care.

The Chihuahua breed demands undue attention and is highly individualistic. Therefore, it is a breed that is mainly meant for adults and not children. At the same time, a Chihuahua requires relatively less grooming than other breeds. A mild brushing and a monthly bath are sufficient to take care of its basic hygiene.

The Chihuahua breed is however prone to ear infections and ear mites, like any other breed. While bathing the breed, extreme care needs to be taken to ensure that water does not go into the internal ear.

The ears of the Chihuahua seem to attract a fair amount of interest among dog owners. They can be a source of great amusement. You may see that one morning both the ears are drooping; the very next day, you may see one of them erect and the other flopping. Then suddenly both may be back to their original position.

Generally, at the sight of such unusual behavior, pet owners rush to look for home remedies dog ear mites under a mistaken impression that their dog has ear mites. Owners are perfectly justified in their responses because the possibility of dog ear mites is far greater than cat ear mites.

But the change in position of the ear is not a sign or symptoms of an ear infection. The change seems to happen without notice and is not due a specific reason.

Sometimes a surgical excision of baby teeth of a Chihuahua can cause ears to droop. However, after the ears regain their original position, they normally remain as such. If during the first six months, the Chihuahua ears have never been erect, they probably will never be so.

In many cases, the Chihuahua ears do not stand erect due to poor muscle development. Cropping of the ears in such cases is an option but is considered cruel by many people.


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