Cut Costs without Compromising Health(care)!

Advice for a healthy pet without breaking the bank

By Native Remedies

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At-home maintenance for minor injuries & grooming products:

  • i-Clenz™ -Remove tear stains and promote overall visual health
  • AnalGlandz™ - Cleanse and disinfect the anal area to reduce swelling and pain
  • Skin and Coat Tonic™ - Restore shine to coats and promote healthy skin
  • Eye-Heal™ - Promote eye health
  • FurBall Dr.™ - Aid digestion, maintain regular bowels and prevent furballs
  • PawPaw™ - Protect and encourage healing of paws

Prevention products for overall health:

  • Parasite Dr.™ - Natural remedy to promote digestive health and integrity
  • Parvo-K™ - Promote digestive harmony and fluid balance
  • ProsPet Drops™ - Maintain prostate and urinary health
  • Respo-K™ - Support respiratory & immune system functioning
  • TF-Defense™ - Support iron absorption & promote red blood cell integrity
  • KC-Defense™ - Promote respiratory health, clear throat and a strong immune system
  • Muscle and Joint Support™ - Support healthy muscles, joints and bones naturally
  • SlenderPet™ - Helps your pets stay within normal body weight & maintain healthy metabolism and efficient digestion

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In times of economical hardship, we all try to find ways to reduce excess spending and cut corners when possible... sometimes even at the expense of their personal and family’s health. Unfortunately, their furry friends’ well-being may be compromised during this downturn, as well—potentially leading to more expensive complications down the road.

Pet owners often consider cutting back on grooming and maintenance for their pets, especially when they appear to be in strong physical condition. According to veterinarian John Berg at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, taking your pet in for check-ups and addressing slight problems right away can lead to reduced costs in long-term care, as many diseases are potentially preventable. As diseases advance, the cost of treatment also increases. Therefore, early detection and regular maintenance can go a long way to building a strong foundation for your pet’s health.

Research pet wellness or insurance plans to help reduce costs. Several nationwide pet store chains offer prepaid, affordable packages on preventative care services, as well as discounts on other veterinary services. Pet insurance is also a beneficial option since it is a set monthly cost that you can plan for.

In addition, simply reducing exposure to potential hazards in your household and yard can prevent an expensive trip to the vet. Be sure to remove all choking or edible hazards, and beware of sharp or dangerous objects or shrubs to avoid injuries.

Also consider keeping grooming costs in-house. Professional bathing and haircuts can be costly, so by doing these tasks at home, you can put aside that money towards other healthcare. By grooming your pet yourself, you may also be more aware of any disturbances in your pet’s body, from abnormal lumps, bumps, or discharge—helping you put into practice early detection of problems.

Another great way to reduce pet costs is to buy in bulk… anything from food to kitty litter to nutritional supplements. PetAlive also offers great Buy 2 Get 1 FREE specials, so stock up and save!

Lastly, do a quick evaluation on overall spending… perhaps you can cut back on little costs that add up, like excessive toys, wearable accessories, or gourmet treats. Instead, try rotating your pet’s favorite toys to avoid boredom, and make your own treats at home. You may find that a little extra TLC can go a long way to a happy, healthy pet!

"I can recommend your products to anyone who wants a healthy alternative for their animal. I had given up on the 'natural remedies' that I wasted my money on so many times, but I have never ever come away from your products feeling disappointed. My latest purchase of your Skin and Coat Tonic also lived up to your great reputation and I have recommended you to many of my fellow animal lovers who are just as happy. Thank you!" - Yael R.

"After using KC-Defense on my Afghan, I will never send her to the kennels without it again! At least I can be confident that she is protected as her system is very sensitive. This product is great! Once again, I have been very impressed by your service and your products!" -Brent

"Your Ear Dr. has been very helpful for my dog. Thanks for a great product that works so quickly and effectively!" -Dana

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