Dog Inner Ear Infection Nightmares

By Tess Thompson

Pet health is one of the primary concerns of pet owners. Any pet that you may have is likely to present some medical conditions at some point in time that will demand your attention. One aspect of pet health that is often missed by many pet owners is in the area of dog ear health.

The inside of a dog’s ear is an extremely sensitive area and can pose many challenges for the pet owner.  Many dogs have ears that droop over the ear canal which can provide a breeding ground for ear mites and bacteria.  Ear infections, especially those caused by dog ear mites and cat ear mites, can be extremely unnerving for the pet owner and the pet and are best avoided.

The medical reasons behind the infections and ailments may at times sound daunting to a layman, but if the inner ear is left neglected and not groomed properly, there is a high risk of ear infections. Ear problems in pets can be categorized based on the ease of diagnosis:

  • The easiest to diagnose is the presence of ear mites. A simple microscopic examination of the ear or the wax that has been scraped off the ear is enough to determine whether your pet has ear mites. Though you should check for the presence of ear mites regularly, excessive shaking of the head, itching and scratching should warrant a thorough and detailed ear check.
  • Other ear related infections that can be a cause of concern are those related to bacterial or yeast infections in the ear. These are relatively more difficult to diagnose since the bacteria and yeast are not visible to the naked eye. To determine whether your pet suffers from such an infection, a visit to the veterinarian becomes mandatory.
  • The third kind of ear infection that is the most difficult to detect and treat are chronic ear ailments. These present a different level of challenge for the pet owner since they tend to reoccur even after having been treated successfully. Chronic ear infections make the pet terrible and feel miserable. Some pets can also become extremely irritable at times. Chronic ear ailments can cause the ear tissue to become thicker and spongier over time.  In addition, the wax-producing glands become over-productive and secrete large amounts of inflammatory wax.  The good news is that this condition is most common to dogs that have large, floppy ears that cover the ear canals creating a dark, moist environment.

Since occasional ear infections can lead to chronic ear ailments, it is important to take preventative measures to ensure the health of your dog’s ears.  Carefully check and clean your dog’s ears regularly during his bath routine.  Be aware of the symptoms of ear infections, such as itching and shaking of the head.  Be proactive in looking for alternate ear infection cures like homeopathic treatments or home remedies for dog mites which can be used to prevent and cure such infections.  

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