What is an Ear Canker in Dogs?

By Tess Thompson

Nature has provided man and animal alike with an immune system that can fight back diseases in many cases. There are many ailments that the domesticated dog faces today due to the fact that it has been kept in an unnatural environment and bred for years. The breeding has given rise to changes that are not very conducive to a dog’s health. One example is the development of breeds with dropping ears.

The L-shaped ear canal protects the ear drum from foreign substances reaching the sensitive organ. However, this also means that whatever goes in the ear cannot come out on its own. Long droopy ears restrict easy flow of air. Large amount of hair that grows in the ear canal of Terriers, Poodles and other breeds also inhibits air circulation. Water that enters the inner ear takes a long time to dry on its own.

Sometimes weeds and other organic substances enter the ear and result in an ear canker. A canker is primarily a fungal disease of woody plants. In dogs, it may cause a localized ulceration. Canker infection often results in a foul smell and a darkish discharge that emanates from the ear. Some weeds and organic matter can work their way into the inner canal and cause irreparable harm to the dog’s ear. In severe conditions, it may also prove to fatal.

A nominal amount of ear wax production is natural in dogs. Dogs and cats are susceptible to attacks from parasites like ear mites. Wet inner ears, dog ear mites and foreign organic substances can combine together and cause serious infections in your dog’s ears. An infection in the ear causes the dog to scratch his ears, shake his head without any reason and exhibit abnormal behaviors. Ear infections are painful so the dog may not like to be petted on his head and may even find it difficult to open his mouth.

Domestic pets need regular help from their owners for grooming, getting rid of dog and cat ear mites , skin care and hygiene. Grooming and keen observation of abnormal behaviors is the best way of getting to know your pet’s problems. Ear infections are common in dogs and ear cleaning should form an important part of grooming. There are useful home remedies for dog ear mites that can eliminate mites. These can be used for cleaning the dog’s ear on a regular basis also. If you choose to get rid of the ear mites in the natural way, your dog is not likely to face any side effects. Some of the natural remedies even help in boosting up the immune system for pets so that mild conditions can be combated automatically.



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