Explore All Canine Cancer Cures Before Considering Euthanasia

By Tess Thompson

A cancer diagnosis is probably the most terrible thing that can happen to your pet. The event can be fairly devastating for you and your family, too. According to a rough estimate, one in four dogs dies of cancer, and an innumerable number suffer from the terrible effects.

Dog cancer is a disease of old age and a result of an extended life in captivity. This is because domestic pets tend to live far longer than they otherwise would have in the wild. Cancer in dogs varies from benign tumors to squamous cell carcinoma in dogs to highly aggressive and metastatic cancers like melanomas that can spread and eventually lead to dog liver cancer.

It is not judicious to opt for euthanasia just because you feel that the pet is going to die sometime soon. Fortunately, many dogs do respond to the many available treatment options, and therefore approaching the situation with a positive mindset can greatly help matters.

Cancer treatment for dogs depends upon the specific type of canine cancer. There are many conventional and holistic therapies that may help your dog in his fight for life. While treatments like natural remedies for urethra cancer in dogs focus on specific cancers, there are also holistic therapies that promote the overall strength of the immune system to enable the dog’s body to fight cancer cells. Such general holistic approaches can be used as supportive therapy, along with conventional drugs and traditional treatment.

Home care is an essential part of any holistic cancer treatment that may involve conventional drugs. Canine cancer cures therefore involves two basic modalities – a specific treatment of choice and home care. Conventional treatments like amputation, chemotherapy, radiation and therapy compromise the overall health due to the basic nature of treatment and the side effects that accompany the treatment.

There is an entirely new field of canine cancer cure that is emerging. This canine cancer therapy uses anti-angiogenic drugs that starve cancerous tumors of their blood supply. This aims for and allows a total remission of the disease without any significant side effects. There is also a vast range of herbs, minerals and vitamins that can help in total or partial remission of the disease to make life comfortable for your dog.

If your dog has been diagnosed for cancer, find a veterinarian oncologist in your area. The canine cancer cure campaign has brought new hope for a canine cancer cure, and there are many institutions that offer free consultations with specialists in the initial stages. The high cost of treatment is usually a deterrent for treating cancer in dogs. It would also be a good idea to look up pet insurance that can help in reimbursing part of the cost.



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