Grooming - The Gift of Health!

How a Little Pampering Goes beyond Pretty

While you may or may not indulge your pet in couture-inspired clothing or decadent faux diamond collars, you likely still have ideas in mind for how to reciprocate for the daily loving and affection received from your pet this holiday season.

According to statistics, in the United States, there are now more dogs per household than children, and in the UK, while the human birth rate has been falling over the past decade, nearly half the population now owns a pet, says the Norwich Union. Given these numbers, it seems many can agree that pets are like our "kids", and treated as such with special attention in the household.

The holiday season is a wonderful opportunity to spend a little extra time and care on your pet, as he or she can help decrease stress levels, which are known to rise during this time of year.

Skin and Coat Tonic

  • Maintains healthy skin and glossy coat
  • Maintains strength of the hair shaft and follicle
  • Supports systemic health

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Skin and Coat Tonic™ + Immunity and Liver Support™
Skin and Coat Tonic™ + DetoxPlus

Besides love and affection, providing pets with proper healthcare is the best gift we can offer. Early detection and regular maintenance can go a long way to building a strong foundation for your pet’s health.

Just like us, our pets may put a little extra strut in their step when they’re well-groomed, including fur, skin and nails. In addition, maintaining a healthy exterior for your pet can go a long way in internal health and functioning, too.

Being an organ of the body, the skin should not be seen in isolation. In fact, skin health and vitality are best achieved by pursuing systemic health. Following a healthy diet and exercise routine helps to support the body as a whole and can have excellent results on skin health if adhered to regularly. Remember that anything that affects your pet’s liver will definitely also affect the appearance of the skin and coat, as the liver and skin are closely linked in their efforts to purify and cleanse the body.



  • Supports liver cleansing & purifying functions
  • Maintains normal blood sugar levels
  • Supports digestive and metabolic functions
  • Supports vitality and healthy energy levels

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LiverAid™ + DetoxPlus™
LiverAid™ + GlucoEnsure

Natural remedies can be very effective in helping to support your pet's system in its natural process of elimination and purification, thereby providing a healthy solution to waste and toxin removal and promoting optimum general bodily functioning. Herbal and homeopathic medicine can also help to maintain all-round systemic functioning and promote health and vigor to pets.

In addition, be sure to show love for your pet in a healthy way. "… We also have to be sensitive to pets who have become accustomed to associating 'treats' with love and affection, and find other ways to show our love towards them… Instead of offering that tidbit, caress your pet - you will both feel much better for it," says Michele Carelse, Native Remedies and PetAlive’s clinical psychologist.

Natural Remedies Can Help With...

Overall Health Support

Immunity & Liver Support

Heart and Circulation Tonic

Muscle and Joint Support

Weight Management


Natural Moves for Pets

Weight Management



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