Hemotoma in Dog's Ears

By Tess Thompson

Ear mites in dogs are often caused by excessive wax that accumulates in the ears. Since the ear canals in dogs run horizontally and vertically, all of the accumulated debris tends to go inward. Hair growth in the inner ear, long ear flaps, and the resulting dampness are also a breeding ground for bacteria.

Dogs normally respond to this condition by scratching near the ear. Vigorous scratching may even cause a blood vessel near the ear to burst. This can result in bleeding in the visible portion of the external ear, thereby causing localized swelling filled with blood. This aggravated condition is called a hematoma.

A hematoma can also be caused by an injury to the external ear. In a few cases, a hematoma may heal on its own. But your dog may be left with a shrunken external ear or a scar, altering the appearance of the dog.

If the cause of the hematoma is related to ear mites, you can treat the condition by using home remedies for dog ear mites.

There are other conventional medications like oral antibiotics, injections, and dermatological creams that your veterinarian may prescribe. These provide quick relief from the irritation and itchiness that the ailment causes.

In some cases, the hematoma clots become so large that they block the ear canal. This prevents medication from being administered properly. Even though oral medications can still be given, applying the dermatological cream becomes impossible. When this occurs, the clots have to be removed surgically by a qualified veterinarian. Surgery ensures that the overall appearance of your pet does not change, and that there are no disfigurations in the process.

To summarize, dog ear mites are a result of ear wax, accumulated debris, excessive hair growth and dampness in a dog’s ear. Hence, it is extremely critical that pet ears are cleaned at regular intervals. A set hygiene routine, including ear cleansing, will ensure that most ear infections are prevented. A complete flushing of the ear is required periodically to remove debris from hard-to-reach areas. This can only be done with the aid of sedation.

Whether it's your dog that has ear mites, or if you are dealing with cat ear mites, if they are left untreated they can lead to many other infections. It is important to be proactive when it comes to caring for your pet’s ears.



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